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Trend Micro Premium Security

If your computer always gets infected by malicious files and viruses despite the fact that you have installed an antivirus program in your computer’s system, then maybe it’s time to get your PC’s security ten notches higher by installing a program that provides comprehensive and multiple device protection so you can do great things online safely. Having said that, Trend Micro, one of the global leader in IT security, has released Premium Security which offers security against viruses, fraudulent websites, and identity theft.

Just like its lesser versions, Premium Security also keeps an eye on all code running on the computer for indications that it may be harmful. An additional feature that many of its competitors don’t have is that it has 25GB of space on Trend Micro’s cloud servers that can replace a Dropbox or Google Drive for those with large storage needs. Right after you open the program is a screen that has a very powerful heading and includes add-ons for the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. It also includes additional extensions that will run any of those three into a secure “hardened” browser that encrypts keystrokes and runs in a sandbox. This is ideal for people who frequently checks their bank account balance or buy items online.

Those social-savvy people will also likely to appreciate this program, as it can add code specifically made for blocking attacks delivered via social networking sites. It works on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn websites in IE, Firefox, and Chrome.

Aside from those mentioned, there’s also a Password Manager to bring in all your log-in details, and a Data Vault that uses 256-bit AES encryption, both are useful if you want to secure all your data in one safe place. Finally, Premium Security also offers a free Windows Rescue Disk to clean otherwise unfixable infections, but instead of integrating the disk into the rest of the program, the company makes you go to its website and download the software. otherwise unfixable infections.

All in all, Trend Micro Premium Security is one of the best and fastest malware scanning software that offers a lot of features that a normal antivirus software would not probably have.