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Trend Micro Internet Security 10 software provides advanced protection and privacy so you can do great things online safely. It’s designed to safeguard you on social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Trend Micro Internet Security

As much as we want to enjoy surfing the sites that we enjoy the most on the internet, we also want to make sure that we do it without compromising our safety as an internet user. There are a lot of dangerous and shady places that you might encounter online, and there is a chance that you’ll become a victim of unlawful acts such as identity theft and fraud. To prevent those from happening, it is better to take precautionary measures by installing a software that can provide advanced security and privacy while you surf world wide web, something like Trend Micro Internet Security has.

Trend Micro Internet Security not only guards against major online threats but also adds an integrated file shredder called Quick Erase, a performance optimizer and comprehensive approach to dealing with ransomware. Though your system might get slow a little bit during malware scans, this software is guaranteed to be one of the fastest and most thorough ways to clear your computer of malware. Its malware engine does not only hunts problems in a system’s memory and hard drive, it also looks out for rogue programs by using real-time behavioral analysis of unknown code running on the computer, making it a like a spy always snooping and ready to combat those pesky bugs in your computer’s system.

As for its main forte, Internet Security has its privacy and web-browser scanners look through your Facebook, instant messaging, Twitter, and Google+ settings for ways that your personal data might be compromised. The program’s Data Theft Prevention section lets your register a full or partial sequence of characters, such as an address, phone number, or credit card number. If a web connection tries to smuggle that character sequence off the computer, the transaction is blocked.

Overall, Trend Micro Internet Security does a solid job of protecting PCs and your privacy while browsing the net.