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Article about the old version of Total Defense Internet Security

Total Defense Internet Security Suite is another program developed by CA Technologies’ Total Defense, Inc. that is designed not only to cover the basic computer security measures that most people are looking for, but also to establish an iron fist on Internet security measures against Web and identity threats. Now on Version 8, Total Defense Internet Security Suite has added features that include Mobile Security systems that are perfect for protecting smartphone and tablet computer systems against security threats.

The Total Defense Internet Security Suite program is packed with new features that you wouldn’t find in any other Internet security platform. Its Browser Download Protection feature has an automatic real-time notification system that alerts users whenever they stumble upon potentially risky or suspicious downloads. The program’s download protection works well with popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Another key feature that the Total Defense Internet Security Suite presents is the Social Network Defense which works pretty much like a virus detection and deletion software for social media networks where most of the potential computer security risks abound. Social Network Defense provides users with real-time alert systems that pinpoint dangerous links in social media news streams and protect the user’s system from potential hazards. Total Defense Internet Security Suite is also equipped with a Drive-By Threat Defender which essentially protects computer systems by blocking malware spread through drive-by downloads from websites that are infected with malicious codes.

Additionally, Total Defense Internet Security Suite has geared up its Cloud-Based Protection system by expanding its malware database and establishing multi-layered protection measures that not only block malware through cloud scanning but also verify file extensions using a comparative checklist of reliable file formats.

With its easy-to-use mobile interface, Total Defense Internet Security Suite has introduced a comprehensive Mobile Security program that not only provides smartphone and tablet systems with all the power tools from Total Defense’s superior antivirus technology but also utilizes key features from mobile computing systems such as remote Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking and the ability to manage children’s handsets through an online portal. This security feature allows parents to establish custom security features for their children’s phones and track down call and SMS logs, messages, and filter contact lists to keep their children safe from online scammers and predators. All in all, Total Defense Internet Security Suite is a comprehensive Internet security program that covers pretty much everything that you have been worrying about.