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CA Technologies, the leading distributor of system security products and programs, has redesigned its Internet security Business Unit and come up with Total Defense, a company that offers superior security software with powerful management capabilities in what is now the Total Defense AntiVirus program.

Total Defense AntiVirus is kept up-to-date by its 400 researchers and technical support personnel that work around the clock in their engineering headquarters in India. Aside from performing regular maintenance activities on the main antivirus program, new threats that are popping up on the Internet are being studied and the corresponding antivirus signatures are consistently developed to ensure that nothing escapes the attention of the Total Defense AntiVirus system.

The Total Defense AntiVirus platform is compatible only with Windows operating systems, particularly Windows 7 and Windows Server. Nevertheless, the program provides exceptional management capabilities that even lets user administrators deploy security measures and manage systems through a web interface. This proves to be useful when managing security systems across organizations as Total Defense AntiVirus also enables administrators to set up security policies depending on a user computer’s role in an organization. Additionally, Total Defense AntiVirus is also equipped with an auto-discovery feature that searches for unprotected units through a number of specialized scans – IP range, network, and active directory – to ensure that all units in the organization are kept protected.

Total Defense AntiVirus is packaged with the usual cybersecurity features developed by CA Technologies. Among these are the Real-Time Antivirus and Anti-Spyware program that help protect systems from a wide and growing list of worms, spyware, viruses, Trojan horses, and even fake antivirus programs that may harm or totally disable computer systems. The program also boasts a fast scanning feature that, according to independent tests carried out by the Virus Bulletin, proves to scan eight times faster than any other standard antivirus program in the market.

Aside from its usual features, Total Defense AntiVirus is armed with all-new features that take your computer system’s security to the next level. Its Cloud Defense Scanner feature optimizes the detection and removal of malware on cloud systems by comparing the pattern of the user’s files with a comprehensive whitelist of online files that are known to be safe. Total Defense AntiVirus also has a large malware database to ensure that it covers and detects a wide range of malware strains on cloud computing systems. Download Defender is a new feature that has been integrated on the Total Defense AntiVirus program, and this performs an automatic scan on all files and folders that have been downloaded by the computer.