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FixMeStick- A new way to protect your computer

New thinking and innovation is all happening in the antivirus industry. New concepts that can make things easier and faster is being researched and developed by many large and small corporations alike. FixMeStick is one such amazing innovation that has hit the market. All the antivirus softwares developed were usually the programs that needed to be installed on your computer. FixMeStick Technologies went a step ahead and designed something that is unique and different from all the applications in the market.

FixMeStick Technologies has introduced FixMeStick that is a powerful antivirus software that can be used externally without the need for installation. There are many benefits that such a technology carries with it. It is an external hardware based antivirus application that fights many common threats like malware, ransomware, rootkits and many other forms of potential threats that are found on the internet. The application is equipped with all the possible fusions that are needed to make an effective antivirus software.

Here are the details of the product and things you can expect from FixMeStick:

External in nature:

Most of the times, the antivirus applications slow down your computer. There are software applications that are huge and take enormous space in the hard-drive. Such software applications eat a lot of memory and storage space. The good news for you is FixMeStick, it comes as a USB device to you. There is no need of installing any software. As it is a USB device, it is used like any other USB device. You can save a lot of space that otherwise is an inevitable situation. As the software is not installed anywhere, it won’t slow down your computer or interfere with any other software applications. You also have the benefit of carrying the device with you without carrying your laptop or desktop. The company gives you the freedom to use the stick with 3 PC’s when you subscribe to the service. This is a great benefit for a person who travels constantly and has to use different systems that might be unprotected. It is also a great advantage for people with multiple computers or laptops. With one device, you can secure 3 computers or laptops and have a safe working environment.

Rapid action system:

The application is so developed that, it works with speed and accuracy. Any kind of emerging threats is quickly identified and instant reaction is shown to such threats. The online world is full of threats and you need a software that can work like a wall to protect you from any known and unknown sources of threats. The rapid action system is fully engineered to protect you from all forms of viruses. Malware and rootkits are identified instantly and either blocked or erased from the system. FixMeStick uses multi layer scanners that help you to get such amazing results.


The moment you are online, the software automatically downloads updates and stores them in the FixMeStick. Nothing is stored in the system as the device is external.


FixMeStick Technologies gives you the power of technology in a stick and helps you to be safe and secure in the online world.