The Complete National Geographic – 125 Years (1888 – 2012)

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  • The Complete National Geographic – 125 Years (1888 – 2012)
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The Complete National Geographic, an amazing digitally remastered masterpiece!

It would be anyone’s cherished dream to own a complete set of National Geographic, the world’s most iconic magazine, and now it can be turned into a reality with the Complete National Geographic, a set of 7-Disc DVDs, a truly amazing archive of the wonderful magazine content since 1888.

You can experience every one of the issues right from 1888; it is a completely digitally remastered masterpiece that offers you an opportunity to explore 123 years of fantastic discoveries, and enjoy the world’s most superior photography reproduced in stunning high resolution that lets you explore the world or wander on your own exciting expedition.

Along with the Complete National Geographic you will also receive a bonus gift, a DVD containing useful tips on how to create better photographs and an exclusive peek into how National Geographic Magazine is brought out; the story behind their world renowned photographs.

Some of the key features

  • Its innovative interface offers superior navigation to access the huge content archive with ease.
  • Each of the pages has been reproduced with stunning digital quality offering maximum resolution and clarity.
  • All of the National Geographic maps in foldout format are included

Product features of the Complete National Geographic

  • The set contains each and every issue from 1888 to newly updated 2012, that is over 1,400 issues, 2,00,000 photographs and 8,000 articles.
  • Includes every article, diagram and advertisement and hundreds of digitized fascinating classic maps digitally reproduced in stunning high resolution.
  • Comes with easy-to-use visual search tool.
  • With GeoBrowse search tool you can search for nearly 5,000 locations all over the world be it for articles, maps or photos that have been featured in the Complete National Geographic; for this GeoBrowse uses the Internet.
  • You can create and save your own list of articles that are your favorites with the ‘readlists’ from National Geographic stars.
  • It is available as a 7-DVD ROM set or even as External Hard Drive.

What you can do with the Complete National Geographic

Oh, the list of things you can do with this set is truly amazing and endless; let your wanderlust free, explore the famous Machu Picchu, unravel the intriguing secrets of the legendary Pyramids, rediscover the remains of the gigantic Titanic, embark on a journey down the Amazon, experience the sheer vastness of the Grand Canyon standing on its edge, live with the rarest of species ever found on earth and sea, yes, you can go on and on, thousands of adventures that will keep your adrenalin pumping!

You can browse, scroll, zoom, archive or print in high resolution any of the amazing discoveries as you relive those moments going back into the past, way back into 1888!

DVD interface with its advanced features enables you to go on a timeless expedition to explore topics, browse the globe, search for specific photographs wandering back into time to experience the thrilling adventures so masterfully described in these magazines.

Get your set of the complete National Geographic, a rich treasure and embark on a most eventful journey filled with adventure, intrigue and wonder!