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SnagIt is a screen capture tool released in 1990 by TechSmith. It was originally made for Windows PC users; however versions have been developed as well for Apple Mac PC users.

Computer users are already familiar with the print screen function; however this is what makes SnagIt stand out – it has the ability to capture photos and have those saved on file without having to do it manually, and it also can include videos and record system audio automatically.

The latest version even has a spell checker; you can use this if you want to add text to images. Special effects are also included to add to its unique features; you can have grayscale images, you can use the set tools to crop and rotate images, you can add frames and borders to enhance your photos.

SnagIt also has a very helpful timer feature that you can utilize to ensure all you need is captured on your screenshot. The timer can be set prior to taking the screen capture to make sure even the drop-down menus and other Windows menus that you need to include will be a part of your file.

In this era of social media, SnagIt is also fitting to use as it is able to share photos and videos to Flickr and YouTube, respectively. You can also use SnagIt to upload captured files to your blog or your own website. You can even just have it attached to a message or to an e-mail.

It may seem to be an issue for users that SnagIt does not have a ‘revert’ button and it also lacks detailed video-editing features; however, the other capabilities of this software can definitely make up for all that is not in it.

In a nutshell, this program is very easy to use, has very helpful advanced features, and can definitely boost productivity.  It’s a very versatile and flexible product that may have everything you possibly need.