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Learn the languages with the best in business – Strokes International

We human beings are different; our needs are different and so are our aspirations. Some of us want to learn different dance forms, some of us want to learn singing, some of us want to learn painting and some want to learn different languages. Learning, speaking and studying foreign languages is one of the interesting experiences a person can enjoy. For this, there are various courses available. Strokes International is one of the reputed websites that provides the users with learning courses and training tools.

Strokes International provides Complete Language Software that enables them to master the languages. It contains a variety of activities for the users to make the learning easier and simpler. There are Vocabulary memory games, Voice Recognition applications, interactive activities like spoken dialogue interaction, written notes, trainers for pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. There are courses for three types of learners: Beginners, Advanced Learners and Business.

This website is not limited to few languages but one can learn twenty four languages in total. Courses are available in all the major languages like Arabic, Polish, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese and Chinese to name a few. There is even a facility of mobile applications available for the users. The very famous ‘vocabulary learning game’ of Easy Learning language courses can now be downloaded on smartphones and tablets. The game is known by the name ‘Easy Memo’. As the name suggests, it helps its users in letting them memorise the words easily. This game was designed by using interactive mediums- sound and picture. When you look for a pair of words, you hear them so often that they get printed in your mind and you are forced to memorize them. It is a very entertaining way of learning words. This game can be translated in three languages: German, French and Italian. In many applications, users are interrupted with advertisements and banners but this application does not allow that. This application has one hundred seventy five Memo games and twelve hundred word pairs and picture pairs.

Strokes International is a very reputed company and they are language publishers with twenty years of rich experience in e-learning. They ship for free within German, Austria and Switzerland. For shipping in other countries, a fixed rate is charged. In Europe, it is delivered within three to four days, whereas, outside Europe it takes one or two weeks. The payment can be done online with the help of credit card, paypal or money transfer. The payment is directly paid to the source; there is no involvement of any mediator. The option of payment is very safe and secure.

If you have any doubts about the Strokes International’s course, you can check the software online on their website. All you have to do is download their test version; it has all the features which their product has. Once you are satisfied with the test version, you can place an order for the whole product. With the help of an activation key, the program can be easily installed.

In this era of globalisation, learning foreign languages has become a necessity not only for jobs but for developing close relationships with other countries as well.