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Streamlight flashlights make sure that you are never left in the dark!

About Streamlight since its inception

Streamlight, located in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, manufactures flashlights that are powered by either rechargeable or disposable batteries. This company though started about 40 years ago is to this day learning and striving to improve their products to bring out what customers need.

Streamlight – Nano Light / Stylus Pro / Protac Tactical / Polytac LED Flashlight

Their products include hand-held and weapon-mountable lights and right angle lights that are commonly used by firefighters. Most of their products are manufactured in such a way that they can utilize dual sources, LED lamps that have a long life and the conventional incandescent lamps that though more powerful are short-lived. Streamlight also produces a series of Laser illuminators like TLR-2, a combination LED weapon light and laser.

The very same Streamlight early 1970 has developed the first 5 million candela hand light for NASA and this is surely a coveted feather in its cap!

What makes Streamlight a dependable name in the field of flashlights?

Streamline follows the policy to listen, learn and get what is required for the customers, this they do by talking to the customers direct, have focus groups to listen to what they have to say of their products, be it brickbats or roses, they get it all. They then set to work on how to improve the functioning of their already existing products and concentrate on getting into better innovations to bring out better and more functional products for their clients. Streamline has come up with a total line of safety-rated lights that help to work your way through the darkest of places under hazardous conditions. Their lighting tools are safe to be used even under explosive atmospheres.

Customer service offered by Streamlight is truly exemplary and contributes to the success of the company. Their sales wing have trained specialists who are equipped with ultimate knowledge about all the products and are ready to serve the customers in all possible ways.

Streamline products are warranted to be absolutely free of defects including LED that comes with a lifetime usage.

More on Streamline LED flashlights

LED flashlights from Streamlight are tough, dependable, last long and are ready with the right flashlight for any sort of job, whatever the size of the job may be. Streamlight produces flashlights in various shapes and sizes to suit any sort of situation; it is not necessary that the big ones are the best, and no one should be in the dark when the power is out and this is the concept that helped them thrive.

Most of the flashlights of Streamlight are rechargeable to eliminate distress during an emergency; all we need to make sure is to keep them charged before hand.

Streamlight flashlights have found their way into several departments such as Police, firefighters, military, harbormasters and many more.

Some of the different models of flashlights brought out by Streamlight; Cuffmate LED, Fire and Rescue, Green trident LED headlamp, Litebox, Survivor LED, ProPolymer series and of course the LED Pen flashlights.

Buy the trusted Streamline flashlight and you are never left in the dark!