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STOPzilla Antivirus 7.0 3PC / 1 Year Subscription

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The ever increasing power of the technology is brining new tools and methods to intrude into your life. Some developments are good and most of them are bad. To combat such threatening developments, you need solutions that are formidable and powerful. The virus is one such invention that has led to devastating effects on many peoples lives. Corporations have lost financial data, individuals have lost personal information because of a virus.

STOPzilla is a technology that can help you counter such malicious and threatening technologies. The antivirus software is built with the best of the standards to make your life secure and safe online.

Here are a few powerful features of the product that you must know:

The Technology

The technology used in STOPzilla is very powerful. The AVM Technology that is used in building the antivirus assures your protection against online threats. The system has different modes of operation based on your preference. It is also friendly with other protection systems that are in your computer.

Full Protection Mode

If you have a computer that has not other protective application, then STOPzilla AntiVirus automatically configures into a full protection mode. It activates both the antivirus and anti-malware protection engines when you have no other protection. When you have the STOPzilla is working in full protection mode, you have the best possible coverage against all kinds of threats.

Shared Protection Mode

You can use STOPzilla in shared mode. If you already have security measures in place, STOPzilla works with the applications and build a stronger and more formidable security measure possible. It adds to the level of protection and enhances the protection to your computer.

Deep Threat Scanning

The technology that is present in STOPzilla helps you scan your computer like no other software applications. The deep scan finds out any threats that are hiding in your computer and fixes them. Securing your computer from the finest of the viruses is what you can expect from STOPzilla antivirus software.  It also has the most extensive database that has all the potential virus signatures that are present online.

Application Hardening

Technology is ever growing and measures and counter measures are in the full swing. If there are anti virus companies working to stop virus activities, you also have people working against the antivirus application. There are viruses designed to interrupt the very working of the antivirus. These viruses block the antivirus softwares and make them incapable of working in their full potential. However, STOPzilla is designed to work against such viruses too and block them from working against your PC and provide your computer with uninterrupted service.

Anti-Rootkit Technology

Rootkits are dangerous and operate in a more subtle manner. These are files that mend themselves into your operating system files and work against antivirus and anti-malware softwares. STOPzilla is an intelligent design that identifies such malicious files and blocks them even before they can infect your computer.

STOPzilla has many such fine features that make it one of its kind in the antivirus software choices. STOPzilla is a fully capable antivirus software that can work with your computer to give it the best protection available and give you a very safe online environment to work.