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Thinking of giving a new look to your old photos is natural. When you see so many new patterns in the entertainment media, you surely will want to work with your photos and add newness to them. However, you need necessary tools and techniques that professionals use to get seamless outputs. The patterns that professionals create come out of a lot of research and study. You will surely agree that you will not have the time to spend on research and studies to find new patterns.

There are times when you might find a specific pattern interesting in a photo and you might want to copy that pattern to your photos too. This is a time you need a professional application that will allow you to work on the photos and create new one’s with ease.  With STOIK Stitch Creator, you can now do magical work on your photos and bring the same professional touch that professional photos and pictures have. You can now convert all your photos into cross stitch patterns and give them a professional makeover.

The STOIK Stitch Creator comes in as a handy tool to do all the difficult tasks. The software is so designed that anyone with basic computer skills can work on creating cross stitch patterns. All you have to do is, download the software, install the software and start playing with your photos and work with stitch patterns. The patterns can be altered with the tools like virtual needle, color fills, eraser and text options. The best part is the preview that you get on every step of the process. Every time you have worked on something, you can check the work by previewing the work on the regular basis. This allows you to see the way the photo is developing and growing.

Cross-Stitching: A new and an easy way

Whatever is your style, you can bring to life with the STOIK Stitch Creator. The software allows you to turn any picture into a cross stitch masterpiece. Converting pictures to professional cross-stitch patterns is very easy and simple with the stitch creator. You can not only use the existing cross stitch patterns, but also create your own patterns. Your creativity is fully empowered by the tools the STOIK Stitch Creator has in it.

Three Easy Steps to masterpiece:

All it takes is a three step to create a masterpiece of your photos. Creating cross-stitch patterns are that easy with the cross stitch pattern software. Choose the picture that you want to work with from your resources like cameras, hard drives or scanners. Once you the picture in place, you can allow the STOIK Stitch Creator to convert your picture by giving cross stitch patterns. You can adjust the patterns, work with them, add and delete layers using the drawing tools that are abundantly available. Once you are done with all the fine tuning, you print the picture and start your stitching work.

Think of the masterpieces you can create with STOIK Stitch Creator. You now have complete control on your designs and also work on the popular designs you see in the advertising world.