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If you have planned to update your favorite pictures and photos into something new and lively, then you might need something that will help you in doing a great job in working with your pictures and photos. Playing with photos is not an easy task. It requires a great deal of understanding of colors and its usage. Color By Number is the software that will help you in turning any photos into something new. You can make your photos into paint –by-number patterns and then work with colors on the same.

You have a complete guide that will help you in making the process easy and simple. The step by step guide will assist you in every aspect of converting the photos into color by number patterns. STOIK Color By Number is a complete software that will allow you do magical things to your photos.

The screen has all the tabs that are important to guide you in the creation process. Each tab is sequentially arranged to assist you in creating masterpieces. Each step will assist you in making the necessary choices and promote you to take actions that are important for the photos. The vertical panel has all the choices you want to bring life into your photos.

The list of tabs is as follows:

Browse tab

The first phase of your photos that brings it into the workspace. The browse tab allows you to select the image you want to convert. You might have multiple pictures that need work; however, based on your priority, you can choose to work with one at a time. The browse tab will help in finding the picture you want to work on.

Image tab

There are possibilities of images being bad or need correction. Some pictures need corrections before you start working on them. The second tab which is the image tab helps you with a full range of image correction techniques to correct any mismatch in the picture. The STOIK Color By Number has a full range of options to work on image correction.

Pattern tab

This is the important phase of the work. In the pattern tab, you can completely define your pictures and work with colors. You have to define the kind of colors you will choose. The number of colors that will be used in the image recreation process is also defined in the pattern tab. Once you have defined the process, the pictures will be converted into patterns that are manually workable. At this stage, you can use virtual brushes and other tools to manually work on the pictures and upgrade the pictures to the way you want them.

Export tab

Finally, when you are ready with your image, you can work on saving and printing options that STOIK Color By Number provides you with. You can save the pictures for future viewing, or if you have to frame the pictures, you can save them and take prints with your popular printers. STOIK Color By Number is a very easy to use and a simple software that allows you to work with your pictures and change them the way you want.