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Stanley, reputed for innovative, high quality and long lasting tools

Anyone wishing to buy the best quality tools, be it a retailer in hardware business or a skilled user, is sure to think of Stanley and none else to procure them. Stanley is a name to reckon with when it comes to tools; they are well known for their sturdy yet friendly designs, superior quality and totally wonderful tools that last you a lifetime. Truly unbeatable Stanley is!

Stanley – Organizer – Measuring Tape – Adjustable Wrench – Hex Key Set

Stanley carries a reputation of excellence and is dedicated to improve their designs for better functionality. They are the world’s best and they strive to stay that way throughout.

History of Stanley in brief

We take you almost hundred years back when three people, Frederick Stanley, Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker with passion in their hearts set out to build this powerful company, and proudly put the name Stanley to it, which continues their legacy till today.

It was in 1843 that Frederick Stanley began manufacturing bolts, hinges and such things from wrought iron and set shop in New Britain, Connecticut. Soon this company became popular for its innovations, improvements and high quality products that define excellence.

S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker the other two of the trio started a similar sized shop in Baltimore and after six years they got a tremendous breakthrough when they got the world’s first patent for a portable power tool and there has been so looking back since then!

The two companies simultaneously grew over the years multiplying into a family of trusted brands and products gaining great industry expertise. Both these companies got together in 2010 to form Stanley Black & Decker and started to deliver tools with the highest degree of performance to professional and industrial companies. Where business growth, commitment, and loyal customer relationships are concerned they have and still maintaining the same standards as they did from 1843, their passion for excellence has never diminished even an iota since then!

Milestones reached by Stanley

The lifeline of Stanley, a stream of innovations, has brought out hundreds of new products that have won accolades in the industry in several areas such as design innovations, packaging, advertising and communications. Great distinctions have been awarded for their products and in the year 2007 Stanley won four Golden Hammer Awards apart from winning two IDEA Awards in the same year in International Design Excellence Competition. Kudos Stanley, that’s the way to go!

Products brought out by Stanley

Vast and varied type of tools have been produced by Stanley some of them being Measuring tools, Finishing tools, Striking & Struck tools, Layout tools, Fastening tools, Storage, Cutting tools, Laser tools and stud sensors, Automotive tools, Clamps & Vises, Flashlights, Woodworking and paint preparation and the list can go on and on!

A special mention should be made here about Stanley Mechanics Tool Set where every item is anatomically crafted for convenience and continuous use. This tool set includes most useful items such as ¼-Inch, 3/8-Inch and ½-Inch circular head, quick release ratchets, 6-point regular and heavy sockets and wrenches in a mixture of eight, all neatly packed in a protective case, well, that is Stanley for you!