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 Amazing Features of Sony Spectra Layers Pro

Sony Spectra Layers Pro is one of the Professional Solutions software programs being produced by Sony Creative Software. It is well-known for its superb audio spectrum editing and is most talked about application among sound engineers, audio editors as well as beginners who wants to venture on audio editing. Although dubbed to be an advanced editing computer program for audio files, it is not intimidating to those who want to learn as it has a unique and user-friendly workflow.

This software is packed with many amazing features that set it apart from other audio editing applications. It includes audio recording, extraction tools for frequency, harmonics and area, pitch and time manipulation, bandwith-limited selections, easy-to-do audio extraction and state of the art noise reduction. Additionally, it is equipped with various smart tools such as 3D displace, amplify, frequency and noise, clone and erase. With its unique spectral design, searching and isolation of frequency can be done by zooming in the workflow to look quickly recognize the start and end point of the specific frequency to be isolated or extracted.

Spectra Layers Pro also facilitates sound shaping and cleaning, remix and unmix audio files into separate and distinct layers and can best used for audio restoration. Whether the user wants to isolate a telephone ring on the background, restore old recordings to make a clean sound or design audio files to his liking, this product is the best one out there.

Files supported by this computer program consists of AAC, AIFF, Apple Core  (.caf), Apple Lossless (.alac), FLAC, MP3, RAW/PCM, Real Media (.rm), Sun (.au, .snd), AVI, MXF, MP1, MP2, MP4, MKV, Quicktime, .vob, .wmv, Ogg Vorbis, Wave, WMA. This program is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8 as well as Mac OS X 10.6 which makes it the first Sony Creative Software product that can run in two platforms.