Soda PDF 8 Standard

Soda PDF 8 Standard

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Soda PDF 7 Standard

With many PDF programs available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your specific needs. While researching the wide variety of PDF applications out there, we came across the Soda PDF 7 Standard Package by LULU Software, a highly efficient, feature-rich, and easy to use application which we will review here.

What is Soda PDF 7 Standard

LULU Software, established and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, launched their first version of Soda PDF in April 2010 with the goal of providing a modular PDF application to increase efficiency with fast and simple design.

Soda PDF 7 Standard is designed to combine several of their available modules into a powerful PDF application package for viewing and editing PDFs.

Efficient Viewing, Creating, and Editing

Firstly, Soda PDF 7 allows you to open any PDF file on your PC including, catalogues, books, magazines, .ePUB, and comic book files like .cbr and .cbz., and then view them in single page, continuous, full screen or 3D mode with page flipping animation.

With the cloud and virtual drive integration, you can share, save, and open your PDF’s to work on them within the browser of your choice (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome). The included online services allow you create a PDF from any file or image directly from a webpage, and send as a downloadable file to an email address.

Creating PDFs from various other programs, while maintaining strict text formatting, is easy to do with Soda PDF 7. Just use the Create function from the print menu of 300+ applications including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, scanners, image files, and more.

It is often necessary to convert PDFs to other types of files or back to original format without loss of information. Soda PDF 7 makes this easy with the powerful and precise conversion software allowing you to convert PDFs to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, .txt, .rtf and image formats (.gif, .jpeg).

Once a PDF is created, it may require additional editing where users often have to export or copy to an alternative format to do so. Soda PDF 7 Standard makes editing easy by allowing you to make modifications directly in your PDF without the extra step. With this powerful software you can add, edit, and move text as well as change the font type, size, and style.

There are even measurement tools, such as a ruler and guide to easily line up text and images within the document.

Oftentimes when working on a document, we are pulling information from multiple different formats which can add tedious and time consuming steps to creating the finished product. Soda PDF 7 Standard eliminates this by allowing you to amalgamate all of those various files into one PDF and gives you the power to insert and edit new pages, hyperlinks and images all without leaving your PDF program.

In summary, Soda PDF 7 Standard is robust PDF software package that combines a complete suite of viewing and editing tools into a single, efficient, easy to use application.