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The Skip Hop Diaper Bag: Everyone Should Have One

Women like to have choices when they purchase and use bags. Skip Hop diaper bags give them that choice. There are a wide range of Skip Hop bags, and almost none of them look like diaper bags. Whereas most diaper bags are colored pink, Skip Hop bags come in a wide variety of designs, prints, and colors.

Skip Hop bags are based on a simple premise: better engineered bags with style and elegance. Stylish and contemporary, these bags can be carried anywhere in the world, and they would fit in. Eschewing the common pastel and baby colors, Skip Hop bags are fashion trendy. There are messenger bags, totes, hobos, and backpacks. They also come in stylish fashion colors. In short, these don’t look like your regular diaper bags.

A Fashionable Alternative

Skip Hop bags are designed to replace diaper bags. There are compartments for milk containers, bottles, diapers, wipes, napkins and other baby items. On top of that, there are also extra pockets and other accessories, which are conveniently located for easy access.

There are more than 70 types of bags in fashionable designs and colors. Skip Hop bags are trendy and fashionable and the bags do not look out of place in the office or while traveling. There are also other designs, prints and colors to choose from. It also comes in various shades and prints of pink.


Traditional diaper bag design does not leave much choice when it comes to convenience and colors. These are designed with traditional colors for babies, not for the mommies carrying the babies. In addition, diaper bags have been marketed as an upscale product, costing up to $400 each. Skip Hop diaper bags were designed to meet a need. These are fashionable bags which do not look like traditional diaper bags, and cost anywhere from $50 to $100. The price is not the only selling point. The convenience and the thought which goes into the design is evident with every use. The affordability also allows moms to buy more than one if they wish.

Filling a Need

Skip Hop was founded in 2003 by Michael and Ellen Diamant. They felt the need to re-invent the diaper bag. Most diaper bags come at a high price point, and are usually drab and dull, and they usually lack pockets and accessories. Ellen was an art director with experience in luxury goods marketing and branding. Michael was a tech entrepreneur. This was a perfect mix of background to realize that there is a need for a better looking and a better diaper bag. Their first product was the Duo Diaper Bag, which was fashionable, trendy and very functional.

True to the fun nature of Skip Hop, the company strives to be a fun place to work in. This inspires innovation and a continuous search for better products which fill the need of mommies and babies.

Skip Hop is a company dedicated to developing and delivering on its core philosophy: “Must Haves Made Better.” Skip Hop diaper bags embody this philosophy through rigorous study and diligent research. The result is a smart and chic diaper bag which does its job well, and has proven to be convenient and very handy.