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A Comprehensive Review on the Features of Sibelius First


Sibelius First is the first software that allows users to compose their own music in the smartest, easiest, and fastest way. It has an intuitive surface and magnetic layout that guides users during the song writing process. After the song writing process, users can directly upload their compositions on various social networking sites like Facebook and Youtube. This software is specifically designed for home users, students, composers, choir masters, and music teachers.

The new version was created to replace the earlier version of Sibelius First and Sibelius Student. It has more dynamic parts and features plus a panorama which was originally included in Sibelius Student to make the music notation more comprehensive and stronger.


  • The intuitive music notation feature allows the user to get faster and greater results.
  • With the use of the MusicXML exchange, users can transfer their scanned music sheets and MIDI instruments and transcribe their audio in the software.
  • Users can add chord symbols and fretboard diagrams using the MIDI keyboard and guitar.
  • The Magnetic layout prevents the score elements to collide and it also automatically moves them for the user.
  • Users can easily add graphics, text, and lyrics to their compositions.
  • The dynamic parts automatically update the score sheet as soon as the user makes some changes.
  • The library of the software allows users to hear their compositions in great detail.
  • The interface of the software is user-friendly, and it guides users all throughout the writing process.
  • The software has a high-quality sound library that has the capacity to store up to 10GB of music files.

Sharing Feature

The new Sibelius First gives the users the chance to upload a digital video of their score sheet online using its publishing feature. This allows the users to upload their compositions on Youtube, Facebook, and Soundcloud and via email.