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Shark FX

Complex conceptual design requires an equally competent program. If you want to take your designing skill to the next level, Shark FX by Punch! Software can give you all the right tools and features you need that can improve your performance, productivity, and versatility. Shark FX is a CAD software packaged in an easy to use interface, ensuring that even the novice ones can use most of its features with an ease. The keys to its innovative user interface include smart prompting and tips, intelligent snapping through LogiCursor, and over 80 minutes of videos that you look up for additional tips and techniques.

The program is highly versatile when it comes to 3D content creation which is suitable for prototypes, 3D printing, rendering, animation, and precise manufacturing. Its SubDivision Modeling feature is a new and powerful tool that can help you to create and edit a mesh model, and directly convert it into a 100% smooth surfaced model. Moreover, Shark FX can turn these surfaces into a real solid model, suitable for further editing using solid modeling operations such as blending, chamfering, and shelling as well as exporting to NURBS supported files like IGES, SAT, and STEP.

Shark FX also offers a collection of quad mesh tools that enables an alternative conceptual design process based on mesh modeling. This includes mesh by points, mesh primitives, mesh surfaces, bridge tool, add a loop, etc. The Mac version of Shark FX also received a major update as to how it interfaces with the Mac OS with integration to the Cocoa Framework. This update now allows the application to take advantage of improved text and graphics handling, support for retina displays and preemptive multitasking. It also offers tools to speed up woodworking designs. Using Shark FX, you can now create complex wood joints such as Dado, Tongue and Groove, Miter, Dovetail, and Rabbet.

In conclusion, Shark FX is a total CAD software package which features will help you to make you more productive and flexible in creating concept designs