Serif PhotoStack is a complete and fully loaded photo editing software application that is designed to improve speed and maintain simplicity. A brand new photo organizer, editor is capable of making your photo editing job easy and simple. It also has a library where you can store all your work for future references. The software application makes photo enhancing quick and easy, and sorting and sharing of our photos is very simple with PhotoStack.

Import options:

You can import any number of photos from your photographic devices. Photos in your Smartphone, camera and any other storing device can be easily imported and organized with the help of PhotoStack software. It takes seconds to do all the organizing work with the software. Once you have uploaded all the photos, you can easily tag them, rate or put them in groups based on your preferences in the software. It becomes easy to find your favorite photos once they are properly organized. You also have some fantastic features that allow you to copy and move images easily. You can browse photos by the device details like the make, the model and with other specifications.

Photo editing tools:

PhotoStack is fully loaded powerful and very useful photo editing tools that can fix the images that you love. With simple tools, you can clean your photos of all imperfections and give them a new and a better look. Older photos can have spots and blemishes on them, and they need care and soft hands to clear the imperfections. Using PhotoStack, you can delicately clear all the imperfections in your photos and make them look new. You can change and remove backgrounds, upgrade color combinations, enhance images and also add better features to the photos with the help of the software. There are many artistic effects that you can add to your photos in some simple clicks. The edits that you make using the software are safe; therefore, you can make as many enhancements and still retain the original image.

Photo Albums:

Once you are done with the editing job, you can put all the photos into a library with a simple drag tool. You can drag and drop your edited photos into albums and save them easily. You can add attributes that can be later used to search specific photos of your choice. PhotoStack has many search options that are unique that makes searching images easy and simple. You cannot loose an image or not find an image when you are organizing the images with the software. The application has Smart Album options that allow you to add new photos and save them in the order of your choice. Photos that are taken on a special date or event automatically get added to the relevant albums.

Album sharing:

PhotoStack is a perfect tool to share your albums with your family and friends. You can easily send photos by attaching them to your email accounts in simple clicks. Updating your photos on the social media website is also easy with PhotoStack.