Serif PhotoPlus – What Is It, Features/Benefits, Pros & Cons

Considered by critics as the “biggest threat” to other powerhouse applications Cyberlink, Corel, and Adobe, Serif PhotoPlus comes with a 64-bit processing image that can be configured using tilt-shift effects, noise reduction and edge refinement tools. If those aren’t enough for you, Serif  has almost all the features found in Adobe Photoshop. But unlike the latter, the program has a special “Lightroom” feature essential for RGB curve editing, non-destructive cropping and taking recordable actions (for still images).


  1. Allows you to organize photos with such a simple action as a click!

Once the photo editing is done, you can organize or share your photos with Serif PhotoPlus’s organizing feature. Want to know how it works? All you have to do is simply login to your Facebook account then download the PhotoPlus app.

  1. Restore old photos

Editing photos, especially old ones, might take a lot of time. But with Serif PhotoPlus , you can edit those photos in just a few minutes. Thanks to its “scratch remover” feature, you can now preserve cherished memories of your friends or yourself by reinvigorating, restoring, or improving old and even damaged photos.

  1. Works smoothly and faster than others

As mentioned in #2, editing photos can be time-consuming – but with Serif’s higher memory, you can edit as many photos as you want in two hours. Serif PhotoPlus’s new version is definitely the fastest among all its versions.


  • Comes with hundreds of filters for .GIF animation
  • Comes with Hundreds of powerful effects for photo editing
  • Photos can be directly uploaded to your Facebook profile



  • Minimal adjustment brushes
  • No feathered dodge and burn
  • Organizing apps are not updated thus sharing edited photos in all websites might take more than an hour
  • Tons of weak slideshow effects
  • Doesn’t configure automatic non-destructive editing unlike other programs