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Sage One (Online Accounting & Invoicing Software)

Having a service that can give you the necessary information in few clicks is a great benefit for your business. Sage One an Online accounting and invoicing software comes to you with such capabilities that any business would love to have. There is a range of activities that you can do with Sage one. It has some fine features that give you information about your business in the fastest manner possible. Explore the power of cloud based online software that can change your company’s accounting and invoicing methods.

Here are a few things that Sage one can do for you:

Business performance at a glance:

Imagine how you would feel when you all the information at a glance. Most business people would want a quick snap shot of their business and its performance. Sage One offers you the same and in easy ways. You can have a quick view of all the sales that has happened and the expenses that you have incurred. The summary screen gives you a whole of information about your business in snap shots and you know exactly where you stand. The profits are calculated automatically and shown in the summary screen. A real time update on VAT payments is on your screen to remind you of the payments. An instant update on the 5 outstanding invoices is shown in the summary screen so that you can take necessary action about the invoices.

Personalized invoices:

If you got a great log and you want to spread the word, then you can customize your invoices and personalize the invoices with your logo on them. The invoices can be made with terms and conditions for payments and any other critical information that you find necessary can be used on the invoice. You have many ready made templates you can choose from the list so you can pick the style you want. You can also send invoices directly to the customers via an email. You can also keep a copy of the invoice in a paper format if you need one.

Payment tracking:

With Sage One with you, tracking invoices and payments made against them is very easy. You can track the complete financial transaction of an invoice and get a complete picture of the payments made. You can do a lot of things in keeping track of payments and credits with Sage one.

Track your money:

You will have a preview of payments that are supposed to be made. All the money that comes in and goes out is recorded and kept under supervision. Sage One Accounts can keep track of all the financial transactions made and all incoming and outgoing funds monitored.

Customized reports:

You can easily manage your reports. You can customize the way reports are generated. You can easily monitor simple transactions. Banking transactions can also be monitored by recording cash deposits and withdrawals. This allows you to keep a track of profit and loss and see the way your business is performing on a daily basis.

Sage One an Online accounting and invoicing software has all the necessary tools that you need to run your business smoothly and maintain a balanced view of your business.