Sage 50 Non-Profits Accounting 2014

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Sage 50 Nonprofit Accounting 2014 is a perfect match for all small time nonprofit organizations. The software; however, is not restricted to nonprofit organizations only but It can be used in any small businesses too. The Sage 50 is loaded with excellent management tools and fine report generating capabilities.

As a nonprofit organization, you will have some financial constraints that will make you look for affordable products and at the same time efficient once. Sage 50 nonprofit Accounting 2014 is one such software that has capabilities of fulfilling both of your requirements.

Here are a few strengths of the software that you might be interested in:

Affordably priced

As a nonprofit organization, it is likely that you will not have all the funds in the world to spend on luxuries. You might have limited budget for things that are essential. However, the limited budget might not stop you from looking for solutions that can enhance the organization’s effectiveness. To run a nonprofit organization effectively, you must have all the accounts in place. There are regular audits that a nonprofit organization has to go through. That is the time you need something that can handle all your accounts and keep them audit ready.

Sage 50 Nonprofit Accounting is one such tool that comes to you at a very affordable price and gives you full capabilities that can automate your accounting and keep your records clean.

Functionality and training tools

The Sage 50 Nonprofit Accounting 2014 is one such software that comes with a solid back-up of training tools. It is filled with functionalities which are capable of handling all kinds of accounts related functions. The software is backed with strong training programs. The software has inbuilt software training videos that help you to learn all the aspects of the software. A person with basic knowledge of accounts will be capable of handling the software like a pro.

The functionality within the software is fully capable of handling all kinds of accounting functions that are crucial for a nonprofit organization. All matters of finance can be recorded in the software for balancing the accounts. Every dime that enters and goes out can be recorded and maintained. Once you have the software installed, all you need is someone who can update incoming funds and expenses on a daily basis and the rest is taken are by the software.

Easy to set-up and friendly interface

Setting up the software can be a challenge for many. However, with Sage 50 Nonprofit Accounting 2014, you can be rest assured about its simplicity. The setup does not require professional hands. It is a simple process and any computer literate can handle the installation of the software. The interface is very simple. All the necessary tools are there in different tabs. Things that you use regularly will be in customized shortcut forms so that you can access these menus easily. Once you use the software for a while, you will love using Sage 50 Nonprofit Accounting 2014.