Sage 50 Distribution Accounting 2014

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Every business has different needs. You will know that every industry has a different way of operation and it has a specific set of challenges too. Distribution industry is no different, as it is an independent industry with its own challenges to combat, it needs solutions that can address specific issues of manufacturing. You cannot have a generic product that will handle all the industries in the same way and one solution that will change things for good. That is a a rare case and it might not happen at all.

Sage 50 Distribution Accounting 2014 is one such custom solution that can change the way you handle accounts in the distribution industry. Sage 50 comes to you with industry intelligence and gives you solutions that are specific to manufacturing. Your needs as a distributor or a manufacturer are different from that of a doctor or an engineer. Therefore, Sage 50 comes to you with capabilities like business intelligence to keep you ahead in the race to win. It provides you with the edge that you need to stay ahead of your competition and also gives you insights on your business like no other software does.

If you are someone with a big vision and you always want to stay ahead in the race by increasing sales, working on timely deliveries, striving to retain customers and minimize overhead costs, then you have a solution that can help you do that. Sage can help you work all these parameters seamlessly and easily and help you build your distribution business with a strong foundation.

Sage 50 Distribution Accounting provides you with the finest accounting features you need to handle all your accounting needs. It also comes to you with power packed tools specially designed for manufacturers and distributors.

How will you define a perfect tool for any business?

Well, it must have these three characteristic to be a right tool for your business.

It must be fully loaded with features that can support your business

It must be easy to use with necessary training tools to help you understand the software

Fully customizable tool for your personal needs

Features that are fully capable of handling your business

Sage 50 Distribution Accounting 2014 is fully loaded with robust inventory management tools that help you manage your inventories in a highly optimized manner.  Sales reports, outstanding invoices, payments, bank transactions can all be monitored in one place. The first screen gives you a lot of information about the overall status of your business. You will be able to focus on the essential parts of the business and focus of working on areas where your attention is needed.

User interface and learning

Sage 50 Distribution Accounting 2014 comes with a very easy to use interface that makes a choice for many of the industrial users. It has inbuilt training modules to train you in all the aspects of the software and its usage.


You can customize almost everything in the software. You can have custom reports for your business, custom inventories and custom receipts. Almost everything that you need can be customized with Sage 50 Distribution Accounting 2014.