Sage 50 Construction Accounting 2014

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Sage 50 Construction Accounting 2014 is a perfect software solution for small construction firms and independent contractors. The release of software is bundled with mobile payment capabilities that every contractor looks out for. A perfect business management process with a mobile payment system is a complete answer for the construction firms. Streamlines and Enhances Business Management Processes with Mobile Payment Capabilities.

Sage 50 Construction Accounting is a part of the Sage 50 Accounting 2014 product line and is developed with construction firms in mind. The software is customized to meet the needs of the contractors with features that will allow them to have complete control of the construction business.

Here are a few features that Sage 50 Construction Accounting 2014 has for your construction business:

Effectively managing subcontractors:

The software is capable of giving you accurate information on your subcontractors. Managing the subcontractors is easy with the information you have handy.

Applying right taxes for every subcontractor is very important. Depending on the status of the subcontractor, the taxes differ. Therefore, you must have a tool to track the taxes and deductions accurately. Sage 50 handles all these tax related issues easily and gives you accurate inputs on taxes. You can easily handle multiple contractors, companies and sub contractors with all their financial statements in place. You do not need separate tools to handle these complex issues, Sage does it all for you.

Generating payment statements and reports for individual contractors and keeping the subcontractors informed through emails is what you can achieve with Sage 50. Generate reports on payment schedules and make payments easily without the need for a personal accountant. You can also generate receipts that can be mailed to the subcontractors and companies working with you.

Intelligent Construction Analysis

Intelligent Construction Analysis is a breakthrough in the field of construction accounting. It Is a fully automated and a flexible tool that works on reporting. The entire database of your contractors and their details are maintained in a very easy to use manner. You now can create perfect presentations on existing projects for various purposes. You can build full-fledged project reports using tables, graphs and other capabilities of MS Excel.


With Sage 50 Construction Accounting 2014 the way you generate reports has reached new heights. You now can control your reporting the way you want it. You can use the data in the way that suits your needs. You can build reports and customize them to match your taste. You can create different views that can give you a highlight on the relevant information that you want to focus on.

With Sage 50 Construction Accounting 2014 you can take day to day updates in few clicks. All the reporting can be automated. You can easily and confidently share updates with your associates with updated numbers and timelines. The program has a very familiar interface and allows you to learn and understand the software easily. Mobile payments are a huge stride achieved by Sage in this series for contractors.