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Rosetta Stone Russian, an award winning interactive language software

Rosetta Stone Russian is an award winning interactive language software that teaches you Russian right from the basics to mastery in conversational skills in just 5 levels on CD-ROM or Digital Download. You are at liberty to move at your own convenient pace with this wonderful software.

By the time you come to the end of this program you will be able to express your opinions and your ideas in Russian and you gain proficiency in conversing in this language for planning on trips, go shopping, take care of your health and other necessary requirements and enjoy social interaction with the locals. You can now discuss weather, dine out, give and get directions and all this with tremendous confidence.

With basic conversational skills you will be able to greet and introduce people in Russian language, ask questions and get and understand answers, and a lot of other tasks.

What is included in Rosetta Stone Russian?

Its interactive software teaches us not only to speak, read, write and have meaningful conversation but also to think in the newly learnt language.

You are offered live online conversation sessions with the native speakers and this helps you a great deal to refine your conversational skills.

It offers accessibility from any web-enabled PC and Mac and in any browser.

You gain real world proficiency through the Games and Community, language-enhancing games.

The mobile apps that come with this program enhance your learning experience with iPad, iPhone and Android apps.

Product features in a nutshell

This mighty tool teaches you to speak in Russian language just as the native speakers would using advanced multimedia tools that saturate you totally in Russian.

Includes 12 special activities with 92 lessons each and all of them full of fun and truly interesting to teach you Russian.

Spiced with a taste of Russian and Slavic culture you are taught key skills in listening comprehension, reading, conversing and writing.

There are a lot of previews, tests and tutorials that are automated that help you when you are stuck somewhere making sure your skills in speaking Russian never stop to grow.

Some of the people who benefited out of Rosetta Stone Russian

This is an award winning software that enables you to learn a new language and this has been used by the U.S. State Department to train their diplomats to speak Russian, NASA astronauts have also learnt it through this software, so also the Peace Corps volunteers, and millions of students all over the globe.

Areas in which Rosetta Stone Russia could be improved

Undoubtedly this program is a fun experience to learn a new language but there are a few drawbacks in it. Since teaching is done mainly through photographs, most sentences are in the third person, but when you actually converse it would be in first and second person.

Next drawback is that this program offers no explanation of grammar part and there is also no translation of the new vocabulary, hence a dictionary is needed.

These are just minor issues that can be rectified; on the whole Rosetta Stone Russian is truly a great language teacher!