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English to Korean in a Heartbeat: Rosetta Stone Korean

Americans and most English-speaking countries have it the easiest. The English language is the most ubiquitous language (although not the most spoken—Mandarin Chinese has that distinction); the lingua franca in most countries around the world. However, there are other cultures with native languages that are deeply intertwined together. This is particularly true of the Korean language. The Korean language or Hangugeo is spoken by 80 million people worldwide.

South Korea, being largely homogenous in population, identifies their language as being part of their national identity. It has several dialects and even has its own written form called Hangul. If you want to fully experience this culture, you have to learn the language. This is no small task. In fact, learning a language can be very daunting. Fortunately for us, Rosetta Stone (a language learning company), has created the easiest and most effective method of language learning to date.

Learning Korean has never been this easy. Rosetta Stone Korean, with its award-winning method of language learning through the use of a variety of incredibly intuitive software has launched another great language kit for learning Korean. This 3 level set is all you’ll ever need to fully immerse you and hone your speaking, writing, and reading skills in the language. The Rosetta Stone method will have you learning years’ worth of vocabulary and help you to develop the skills needed to converse and enjoy social interactions in no time. Purchasing this kit will also allow you access to a number of Rosetta Stone apps that are compatible with your iPad, Kindle, or iPhone. Not only that, you’ll also have online access to a native Korean speaking tutor, as well as the very helpful online community.

Some Anglophones may at first find that learning Korean can be very daunting because of its difficult nature and their lack of familiarity with east Asian language structures. A reviewer on Amazon.com commented, “Rosetta Stone is not some ‘learn a language in 10 hours’ thing.” It most certainly isn’t. However, the Learn Korean Rosetta Stone kit does an amazing job of holding your hand through the process. Because the Rosetta Stone method revolves around the principle that language learning is best achieved by employing methods similar to how children learn a language, you can rest assured that the lessons are geared towards holistic learning and that the different phrases, terms, and expressions you learn in various contexts will ultimately come together in the end to form a greater and more rounded understanding of Korean.