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Rosetta Stone in Japanese: The Better Choice

Japanese is one of the challenging languages to learn. Aside from it having no counterpart in English – as compared with Romance languages such as Italian and French – the entirely different alphabet and writing symbols (calligraphy) can be a little problematic for foreign learners.

Rosetta Stone – Japanese relieves students of the frustrations that usually come with learning a new language by making the lessons and activities interactive. In the software, you will be shown questions, with the answers in photos or text available for clicking or typing. Other times, you would have to pronounce your answers distinctly.

The second part involves conversing with native Japanese speakers, thus applying what you have learned from the individual courses. The last facet of Rosetta Stone is where you can talk with other learners of Japanese and interact with them through games and other activities. Some of these games may be played alone as well.

The aforementioned features of Rosetta Stone are enough proof that the software prides itself in giving you a holistic learning experience that books, or other software for that matter, cannot provide. For one, Rosetta Stone lets you exercise all the macro-skills in communication, such as speaking, reading, listening, and writing. It is feat, too, since Japanese entails learning even the correct intonation and patterns for speaking.

It also deviates from complicated grammar rules. Rather it teaches Japanese based on the language-learning principles of a child: imitating. Since the lesions are mainly audio-lingual in approach, the learner gets to quickly master pronunciation and speaking patterns. For example, your pronunciation will be matched to that of a native speaker. You also receive immediate feedback on your answers and performance, which makes self-studying a better option.

Rosetta Stone teaches the fundamentals, which are what you need most in order to start conversing with the Japanese. However, Japanese words are shown in kanji and hiragana characters to fully equip you especially when you are reading signs or books.

In time, you will learn how to speak and write in Japanese without copying from a model. Your vocabulary will also expand, thanks to the flash cards and word games. Also, the software lets you decide which lessons you want to study again. Hence, you have full control over the pace of your lessons.

Another wonderful feature of Rosetta Stone is its portability. It can be downloaded as a mobile app, which makes it easier for users to play games and study their lessons at their fingertips.

Though Rosetta Stone may be a little expensive, the results are worth it. You can be proficient in a span of a few months, sparing you the course fees and stuffy classroom atmosphere in universities. With Rosetta Stone, you would really know what it means to learn while having fun.