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Main features offered by Rosetta Stone Italian

  • This program helps you learn the language at your own convenient pace.
  • The software can be installed on one or even two computers and can be used by up to 5 members.
  • The software comes with a 30 day, money-back guarantee.

The complete Rosetta Stone Italian set comprises of 5 levels with each level teaching you specific conversational skills by the end of which you will be able to express your ideas and give your opinions in Italian and will be ready to move to this country.

In levels 1 and 2 you will be able to talk about the environment, ask for directions, go shopping, dine out and be able to enjoy social interactions though it is at the basic level. You should also be able to greet people and ask simple questions, go shopping, etc. And by the time you complete the final level you should be more conversant in this language and be able to speak with confidence even if there are only just a few sentences that you have learnt.

Why would people want to buy Rosetta Stone Italian?

Just imagine you being offered a great post in this beautiful country Italy; you would sure pack your bags and land in Italy as soon as you can. Now, if you are single with no family coming along it is another story, but if you are going there with your spouse who has to manage the show there, don’t you think it is going to be of great help to both of you to learn the local language and be able to converse with the locals in their language to be able to put them at ease?

Even when visiting the place on a short holiday, believe me, it is of great help to know the local language. When on a vacation it is so much more fun when you can interact with the locals to learn of their culture and heritage, their cooking habits, their specialties, etc.

What can one expect out of Rosetta Stone Italian

Let us be realistic in our expectations; you cannot except to become fluent in this language even after completing all the 5 levels.

Don’t look for overnight results; even after six months of learning you can’t expect to become fluent in Italian.

The lessons at first are very slow and one needs to be completely motivated to have  the necessary drive and make time to complete the course.

This program is pretty much fun when you get to interact with the native and have a conversation with them in Italian too! You will be able to play games and chat with them and this helps you improve your vocabulary.

The Rosetta Stone Italian app for iPhone is more useful for repetition where you find yourself repeating phrases and the studio feature of this software offers you live lessons on the internet from a native speaker.

Though Rosetta Stone Italian is a little expensive it is most convenient for those of you who do not have any Italian teaching colleges in your area.