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Rosetta Stone Hindi: The Fastest Way of Learning Hindi

Rosetta Stone Hindi is the newest version in the popular series. It features a series of improvements, more online lessons, learner’s community and mobile apps. It also offers an advanced speech recognition technology that analyzes every syllable, each time you speak. Learners have the option to choose the CD box set version if they want to. It offers 3 optional packages: level 1, levels ½, and tall 3 levels.

How Rosetta Stone Hindi Works

Level 1 includes the basic Hindi conversational skills utilizing the conventional image recall method. The fundamental premise is for the learner to study the culture by using pictures, and then to associate these images, with the right words when tested. By taking a look at the pictures again and again, you will be able to associate and recall the word. Level 1 includes introductions and greetings, shopping, simple questions and answers, and phrases and words for everyday situations.

Level 2 will teach you how to talk about the environment, eating out, enjoying basic social interactions, asking and giving directions, and shopping.

Level 3 involves the more advanced development of the Hindi language, educating the learner to join in social interactions like travel and shopping, express opinions and ideas and understand how to share their experiences.

Writing lessons are included in each level and it gets harder as the learner becomes more proficient. After you have completed level 3, you are expected to spell and write Hindi accurately, read and understand Hindi, express feelings and talk about daily life with native speakers, and speak Hindi without a script.

The improved version Rosetta Stone Hindi has voice recognition tools which aim to help master pronunciation by comparing the voice of the learner with that of the native Hindi speaker. There has been some improvements in the online interaction, and the package now has more online lessons, apps for learning on the go, and community interaction. These features are available both in the boxset version and the online learning platforms.


Definitely, Rosetta Stone Hindi is an effective program, especially its improved and newest version. However, some people think that the price is not reasonable for an ordinary individual who wants to learn Hindi. For some who can afford to buy the system, find it very helpful and very effective in helping them to learn Hindi. The curriculum of Rosetta Stone Hindi is arranged to introduce new skills in a way that fuels your brain’s natural language learning capability. So, if you want to learn Hindi and you think you can afford it, then this system is for you.