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Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin), a truly impressive language software

It is an excellent way to learn Mandarin Chinese with the help of Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin), which is a language software from Rosetta Stone.

This software teaches you the language in a natural learning environment at a controlled pace and soon makes you fluent in the language mastering vocabulary and grammar. We are witnessing a lot of influx of students and employees into China and yes, it is more convenient to live and manage in a country when you know the local language; this has seen a lot of such people turn to Rosetta Stone Chinese to master this language in the shortest time possible. And remember all the learning material is in the target language, and well it is quite surprising that it does not offer any translations!

Things included in Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin)

It offers interactive software that teaches you to speak, read and write and soon you will be surprised to find yourself thinking too in this new language!

Online sessions with native speakers enable live conversation with them and this helps you refine your skills in conversing in this newly learned language.

Games that are language enhancing help to take you towards proficiency in the real world.

You can access this software program from any web-enabled PC or Mac in any of the browsers.

Mobile apps help you learn even while you are on the go; you can enhance your learning with the iPad, iPhone and other Android apps.

Techniques used by Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin) to teach the students

Through a medium of a series of photographs, the students are helped to build their vocabulary and grammar by choosing the apt picture after listening o an audio clip. The technique used here is listening and repeating.

Rosetta Stone language software is filled with several sections for practicing Mandarin Chinese reading and listening. Photographs are presented to the students along with the spoken or written text and asked to match the text to the photograph that represents it best. Once they click on the correct picture the next screen shows up. Each set of pictures is around a particular theme such as objects, people, colors or other subjects that you have been working on. And slowly your vocabulary expands and you get to learn new words. Listening is important for learning a new language and this first section of the language software is based on this.

In the second exercise, one photo and four texts are given and the student will have to click on the correct text.

All you have to do in the third exercise is just listen; you are given no photos here. You hear a spoken text and have to match it with the written text.

In the fourth exercise, it is one written text and four sound files, you have to match the written text with the corresponding sound file.

Though Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin) stands well by itself there is only one area that it cannot help is with conversation; combining it with classroom instruction will soon help you master this wonderful language.