44% Discount – Rosetta Stone Learn Unlimited Languages Online Access – 12 Months

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The Gold Standard of Language Learning: Rosetta Stone Online

Living in modern society, it isn’t a leap to say that we are fast approaching an era of rapid globalization. Certainly, that’s been the trend since the internet became not only necessary but ubiquitous in the early 90’s.

Today, we are living in a much more connected world. With all the diversity that the human race has to offer, the internet and the giants of its industry like Google and Facebook have allowed us to exchange our ways of thinking and our culture in depth and frequency never experienced before. Friendships and partnerships develop halfway across the world among people of entirely different backgrounds. Some relationships even form among people with different opinions and values—people who’ve experienced different social norms all their lives form connections through the internet. The only requirements for these relationships were a common ground and a common language. While we might struggle to try to find common ground, a company called Rosetta Stone has got us covered in the language department.

Rosetta Stone has launched a new product called Rosetta Stone 12 Month Online Access, which is a 12-month online subscription to their very effective language learning courses. For those of you who haven’t heard of the Rosetta Stone method before, it’s basically a platform for learning a language by speaking, reading, and writing in context. This includes pictures, word games, and speaking sessions to allow the users to be fully immersed in the language. The way you learn the language is quite natural, not unlike the way a child does. For example, you might be given several pictures of things that are all green, and the associated word is the same for all of them. Naturally, you would be correct in assuming that the common word is the word for ‘green’ in that language. It’s that simple and intuitive. Pretty soon you’ll be thinking in the new language you are trying to learn.

This product allows you access to one of the 24 language courses offered by the company. This amazing deal includes practice conversations and tutoring sessions with native speakers for 25 minutes a day. All in all, you are allowed access to this wonderful piece of software through the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for one whole year. There’s no need for physical copies like CDs or installations because of the whole thing in the cloud. It’s perfect for when you are on the go. Whether it’s your desktop, laptop, iPad, or smartphone, you can access the Rosetta Stone software. Its thriving online community is also a great resource for added learning and immersion.

You can find the product on Amazon—just search for ‘Rosetta Stone 12-month Online Access’. As one satisfied customer on the site put it, “… is one of the best language learning systems, short of living in the respective country…”