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Articles about the previous versions of Readiris Pro

Readiris Pro 14, a highly competitive OCR software package manufactured by I.R.I.S.

In brief about Readiris Pro 14

Readiris Pro 14, a competitive OCR software package that comes with wonderful features such as table recognition and picture enhancement tools is manufactured by a big global company I.R.I.S. based in Belgium with its US office located in Florida. This company makes available custom OCR software for businesses for extracting data from forms and entering the same in a proprietary database.

Some of the excellent features of Readiris Pro 14

You will never need to retype any text again

Readiris 14 can convert any of your paper document or images or PDF into editable and searchable digital files (Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, ….) with its OCR technology. All you have to do is scan your paper document with the built-in scanning wizard or you can import images from folders or your digital camera and Readiris Pro 14 instantaneously converts it to any format you desire without altering the original layout; now your digital documents can easily be edited, archived and shared.

Documents accessible from anywhere

Once uploaded to the Cloud, your documents can be retrieved from anywhere, at whatever time and on any device you wish to.

Images converted to indexed PDFs

You can convert your standard document images and PDF files into fully indexed PDF documents that can be made retrievable by keywords.

Compatibility with scanners

It is compatible with any type of scanners; you will be able to import your paper documents from any scanner with the embedded scanning wizard of Readiris Pro 14.

Creation of searchable PDF

Searchable and indexed PDF files created with Readiris Pro 14 are compatible with any of the computers and the produced PDF resembles the original image while adding text layer ready to be searched and indexed. Even if you have tons of archived documents you will be able to find the exact information you require with utmost ease.

Documents stored in the Cloud

With the new Cloud connector of Readiris 14 you can store, access and manage your converted documents from any device such as your computer, tablet or mobile phone. All you have to do after the conversions is to select your desired Cloud hosting service and bingo, all your documents are automatically exported and ready to be accessed from anywhere!

Digital files reduced in size

I.R.I.S. offers an exclusive high compression technology that allows you to drastically compress your files to half their size without in any way affecting the visual quality. Overcome the issue of storing and sharing your digital documents by reducing their size.

Documents can be automatically dropped, converted and managed

Once you drop your scanned documents to any folder, Readiris will spot the new document, process it, convert it and export it to your desired destination, could be an output folder, in the Cloud or an FTP web site, but this feature is available only in its Corporate edition.

Pros and Cons of Readiris Pro 14

Readiris Pro 14, a powerful OCR software product is full of great features for document layout and compression of files for storage.

On the flip side Readiris Pro 14 (Readiris Pro 15) is lagging behind in OCR accuracy and is less user-friendly and also has no spell-check function.