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Rayovac – Sportsman LED Lantern – Lumen Headlight – Metal Flashlight – Batteries

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  • Rayovac Alkaline D Batteries, 12-Pack with Recloseable Lid
  • Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Sportsman 240 Lumen 3D LED Lantern, Green
  • Rayovac Value Bright 85-Lumen 6V 10-LED Floating Lantern Battery with Battery
  • Rayovac Alkaline Reclosable Pro Pack 9V Batteries, 8-Pack
  • ….

Rayovac, a force to reckon with when it comes to battery power!

Rayovac, a division of Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc., has become a name to reckon with when it comes to rechargeable batteries. Already a world’s leader in battery power and innovation, Rayovac has proved itself beyond compare by winning the most coveted International CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Award Honors for two of its products, the Rayovac 2 Hour Power mobile backup charger and the Rayovac 15-Minute Battery Charger. That’s surely a feather in the cap of Rayovac!

Let us talk about Rayovac in brief

Rayovac has been recognized as the global leader in battery power and innovation with a glorious history of being the one to enter the market with the latest innovations. The need of the hour today for consumers, high-performance batteries are offered in a wide range by Rayovac.

Rayovac manufactures long-lasting alkaline batteries ranging in size from AAA to 9V, advanced green rechargeable NiMH batteries, the world’s top selling mercury free hearing aid batteries, lithium photo batteries, specialty batteries, portable power charges and apart from all these a huge variety of portable LED flashlight and lanterns all of which offer more power for money.

Some of the top rated products of Rayovac

Portable external cell phone battery charger is like magic, it can rescue any of your mobile devices from a dead battery. The Rayovac emergency 2 hour power offers your mobile phone two hours of talk time and comes with a shelf life of 10 years. This can provide instant power to Apple and Micro USB mobile devices.

The Rayovac 15-minute battery charger is perfect for consumers who are frustrated with the inconvenience of using the other rechargeable batteries. This one charges completely in just 15 minutes, yes, and the fastest one available in the market. This system can hold four batteries per use and is compatible for AA and AAA batteries.

Rayovac 1.5V’C’ battery is one of the top battery brands brought out by this company. These batteries have been conceptualized to eliminate the frustration consumers face in having to wait for long hours for recharging their batteries. Rayovac now offers a hybrid cell that has both economic and environmental benefits.

Superior features of Rayovac batteries responsible for catapulting these products to the top

Quick charging is a feature that consumers are attracted to in these battery cells though they are a little heavy on the pocket. These can be used immediately on purchase without having to be fully charged before use like the others.

The Rayovac Hybrid battery cells are known for being environment friendly since they contain no harmful chemicals that can cause hazards to you and your environment.

Rayovac’s hybrid battery cells boast of high performance and endurance and can withstand any sort of competition from the others. Shelf life of these is three times longer, which is perfect for digital cameras and they can hold energy supply up to four times longer compared to other conventional rechargeable batteries. Apart from all these benefits these hybrid cells enable you to save thousands of dollars and eliminate wastage.

So now you know why Rayovac deserves the Innovations award, you, I am sure would add your applause to this super brilliant battery power manufacturer!