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RationalPlan is a project management application intended to guide managers and their teams to create either single or multi development plans consistently within a specific timeframe. A project manager has a diverse role to fulfill and there are as many activities to track along the way before and during the course of the entire job course. This often leads to oversight problems and unwanted delays. This software is capable of producing an efficient data flow that will look into all the aspects of the tasks at hand. It will provide the much needed information on how to distribute resources properly, examine workloads, monitor work progress, calculate project costs, and allocate budgets correctly. All information will be gathered in one database for easy structuring and tracking.

This program caters to both the beginner and expert users. The interface is neat and all the settings are conveniently designated. This window may look bare but it employs powerful tools that maximize each step during its activities. A hierarchy tree is displayed on its left side that serves as the task outline guide for each phase of the actual project. Pertinent data can be deposited or retrieved in its central system and can be modified with real time results when adjustments are called for. It also provides an explanation on each of the components and is equipped with a well-structured online help. It comes in an easy install package that has been tested against software conflicts and configuration issues. This is a practical choice for managers whatever type of level experience.

RationalPlan is made up of a Project Guide with three major portions; listed as Project, Planning, and Controlling. Each has its own unique platform and subcategories. There are two kinds of products offered depending on the range of needs. These are the Single Project and Multi-Project wherein the latter can tap the benefits of the Project Server. Work can also be maintained On Premise (client’s hardware) or on Cloud. Critical concerns regarding the work flow will always be brought to your attention and save you from unforeseen troubles. This exceptional program was developed by a company named Stand By Soft which is also known for their Desktop Applications.