Quicken Home and Business 2017

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Quicken Home & Business

List Price:    $114.99

Quicken Home & Business: For managing business and personal finances all in one place. $114.99.

Quicken for Windows 

  • In addition to managing multiple financial accounts in one location, customers can now see, track and pay all of their bills in one place. After users link their bills, Quicken automatically tracks due dates and amounts due, eliminating the need to log into multiple accounts to stay on top of their bills. Quicken users can easily pay bills using Quicken Bill Pay.

Quicken Home and Business 2016

  • New! See, track & pay bills in one place
  • New! Free phone support
  • Shows bank/credit card balances
  • Imports bank transactions securely
  • Puts your spending in categories
  • Projects income and expenses
  • Helps you create a budget
  • Reminds you when bills are due
  • Sends text/email alerts
  • Syncs with free mobile app
  • Snap and store receipts
  • Free credit score and more
  • Imports from previous Quicken versions
  • Shows all financial accounts
  • Helps you save for house/college
  • Helps you plan for retirement
  • Portfolio X-Ray
  • Shows performance vs. the market
  • Helps with buy/sell decisions
  • Displays up-to-date portfolio value
  • Tracks cost basis and capital gains
  • Tracks business and personal spending
  • Displays business profit/loss
  • Runs Schedule C reports for taxes
  • Shows tax-deductible business expenses
  • Generates invoices and estimates

New features of Quicken Home & Business 2015 : Free credit score and more – Portfolio X-Ray investment tool

Enhanced Features of Quicken Home & Business 2015 : Mobile app – Investment tools – Setup and registration

Do you want to view a whole perspective of your business whether you are earning or losing? Quicken Home & Business will give you what you want. This is what businessmen need in order to track down their financial status. An investor would always want a good return of investment and having this would surely guarantee just that.

Quicken Home & Business manages individual and business accounts in a single place. Entrepreneurs can easily track down the cash flow of their business. It also access the income and expenses from lending institutions, banks and other financial institution of the user and provides him with the business financial status report.

This will also give the user a view of where the business money is going. A post is assigned for every income and expenses transaction entered. You can always have a rain check anytime for the daily, weekly and monthly monetary status of the business. The user can be informed of whether the business is gaining or losing and the remaining investment.

It also produces and prints professional copy of invoices for the customers. It also keeps track of your financial record so it can keep you informed regarding the return or risk of investment. It also studies the user’s investment portfolio so that the user can always view the latest adjustments in the assets, liabilities and capital investment of the business showing how the business is working.

Quicken Home & Business makes comparison between your portfolio and that of the market for a wise decision when purchasing or selling. This is also easy to use with a Guided Setup. Just answer some questions and the Setup will guide the user through the operation.

This is what wise businessmen needs in order to get higher and better return of investment. A perfect financial organizer and manager.