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When to Upgrade to QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software that is being extensively used by small businesses, not only in the US, but also worldwide. Most of these businesses use the Pro version, which should suit them well when their needs and their operation are small. But what if the business experiences growth?

Growth of the Business Will Require Software Upgrades

Business growth and expansion also means the growth of the business’s needs. It may hire more employees, find new suppliers, and cater to more customers. In such cases of growth, it is advisable to upgrade from the Pro version to QuickBooks Premier.

What Can QuickBooks Premier Do that Pro Can’t?

QuickBooks Premiere is specifically made for medium-sized businesses whose needs differ greatly from smaller businesses. This is because as a business grows, certain business functions evolve with it as well. The Premiere version thus evolved as well based on the growing need. Here are some functions that QuickBooks Premier has that the Pro version doesn’t.

  • Allows up to 5 different users.
  • Can create and e-mail sales orders.
  • Has the function to create a business plan.
  • Can forecast sales and expenses.
  • 50 more built-in reports (150) compared to Pro.
  • Can create industry-specific reports.
  • Can create inventory assemblies and bills of material.

These are just but some of the differences between the Premier and the Pro versions. Long time QuickBooks users need not fret if they need to upgrade, the user interface, the ease of use, and ease of navigation are relatively the same across all QuickBooks versions.

Upgrading to QuickBooks Premier from Pro doesn’t mean that there will be totally new and different software for the accounting staff to learn, as mentioned, the interface remains virtually the same. The added functionalities are simple and easy to understand, and there is always the Help function and online support if it is needed. Upgrading to Premier will definitely help growing businesses grow even further.

QuickBooks Premier 2016

QuickBooks Premier 2016 offers all of QuickBooks PRO 2016 features, in addition to industry-specific features which facilitate the smooth running of ‘any’ business. It provides reports that are easy to access, read, customize, make comments on and share. In other words this feature allows the user full access and capability to make sense of his business and allows him to make decisions. Homepage insights provide a full picture of the business performance and allows the user to see profit and loss, income and expenses and even main customers’ performance.

QuickBooks Premier 2016 deal

One of the most enhanced features for QuickBooks 2016 is the following:

  • Advanced reporting feature of this year to last month filter
  • Better forms management, including removing the long queue of send forms in a single click
  • Instant display and overview of monies out via Bill Tracker
  • New Auto Copy Ship-To addresses Facility.

Sharing some slices with its 2015 counterpart

QuickBooks Premier 2016

  • Displays and highlights key information about employees, vendors and customers
  • Locates reminders and notifications in a single glance; this includes overdue items, to do lists, notes to accountants etc
  • Saves company file on shared folder
  • Displays business performance, including profit and loss and top customers.

What did they carry over?

From the 2014 feature QuickBooks 2016 can

  • Track bounced checks and display major reports
  • Display Bank transactions from various banks and accounts
  • Display of all income generating transactions and overdue invoices so that user can send reminders to overdue customers to pay via Income Tracker
  • Customize email templates and overview previous emails

Are 2013 Features archaic?

QuickBooks Premier 2016 still prides and functions efficiently from many of its 2013 version features. It

  • Downloads bank and credit card transactions
  • Imports excel, Quicken and prior Quick Book version data
  • Creates a copy of company file for accountant
  • Controls user access and set user permissions
  • Allows up to 5 workers to work simultaneously
  • Imports contacts from email or excel
  • Gives full access to Report centre and Company Snapshot to enable business decisions
  • Print checks, track expenses, pay bills, and create and print deposit slips
  • Creates purchase orders, track inventory, track sales, sales taxes and customer payments
  • Secures customer, vendor and employee contacts.
  • Attaches and store documents in Document centre
  • Increases usage of add on applications
  • Creates easy access to use customer forms enabling more speedy completion of tasks
  • Allows ease of navigation and access to data
  • Facilitates recurring billing and invoices
  • Facilitates one batch invoicing of customers for time and expenses
  • Displays invoices, billing & other tasks in a calendar view
  • Uses Lead Centre to track sales leads
  • Uses inventory Centre to display inventory items

The user is able to access features quickly with user-friendly navigation, and proves a perfect tool for small businesses and makes accounting fairly simple. It is available in one, two, three and five user versions and additional user licenses can be purchased to allow more people to work at the same time.

The benefits have clearly been stated and tested; QuickBooks Premier 2016 is the way to go!

QuickBooks Premier 2015

QuickBooks Premier 2015 Overview

When it comes to software updates, you don’t always see a jump between years. However, that’s not the case with QuickBooks Premier 2015. The latest iteration of the software has allowed complete updates to come through, with a whole new streamlined solution that is going to definitely give you a great overall vantage point on your financial situation. Whether you want to run a business or you have personal financial needs, you’re going to find that the following elements are in place for the latest release from the name that is synonymous with financial software.

New Streamlined Reporting

The reporting features are all new here, allowing you to not only see where your money is going, but also where it’s coming from, customize notes, and get visual reporting that has not been featured with QuickBooks software beforehand. It is a completely upgraded element that has been a long time in development for this financial software.

Business Performance

You will get homepage updates as soon as you open up QuickBooks Premier 2015. As you work with the software and you update your pages, you will see a good push forward in terms of where your business is headed overall. That will give you a great vantage point as to where the financial picture of your business is headed.

Accountant Collaboration

With new tools, you can now save your data and transfer it to shared folders, as well as create new folders for collaborative business financing efforts. Whether you’re new to this or you have an existing account manager, you will want to look into this to allow for greater ease of transfer. Getting the best out of the software definitely gives you a great deal of advantages from the past updates.

Note Taking

The updated version of this financial software now allows you to increase the information relay with note taking, system notifications, and so much more on the fly. You can even see reminders, notes from the past and a lot more within one page, so there’s no more cycling through various stages to understand where your finances are going and where they are coming from.

With the introduction of QuickBooks Premier 2015, the brand has definitely done well. When compared to their previous releases, you will see a huge jump taking place with every update, and the 2015 one is light-years away from the 2014 option. It’s streamlined, and ready to use from every financial background.