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QuickBooks Premier 2016

QuickBooks Premier Small Business Accounting 2016 – includes Industry Editions

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QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit Software

When it comes to bookkeeping and accounting made-easy, the QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit software takes the cake. By default, QuickBooks is created and designed to be used by numerous business owners. But its popularity continues to rise because the software is uncomplicated yet contains very intensive features. With the introduction of the Nonprofit Edition, the QuickBooks software is made even more effective particularly for non-profit businesses with limited budgets.

The QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit software, like the other QuickBooks options, is reasonably priced and very easy to install. For software noobs, a built in Learning Center that contains several tutorials and guides is made available upon installation. This will surely help make the transition hassle-free and less difficult. There will be no need to hire an IT person or an accountant to use this software.

Mundane tasks like payroll, recording expenses and tracking of donations in the QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit can be completed in just a few clicks. Apart from the usual balance sheet, financial statement, project reports and other myriad reports available in the software, donor reports, budget programs, end of year reports and statement of financial positions can also be easily processed. Making these financial reports are a snap because previously entered data are incorporated seamlessly. To add convenience, the reports made in this superior software can be exported to Microsoft Excel, Word and Access and can also be saved as a PDF file.

Because QuickBooks knows that all the information that is entered into the Premier Nonprofit is sensitive and very important, the software allows password protection for different user groups. This will prevent unauthorized viewing or transfer of any files/reports saved in the software.

In a nut shell, QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit is an effective software for both accounting novices and experts. It certainly helps make managing a non-profit business a bit stress-free. It is safe to say that the QuickBooks nonprofit is a very valuable program to own. QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit is typically sold for single users but multiple user options are also available albeit at a different price.