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QuickBooks Premier 2016

QuickBooks Premier Small Business Accounting 2016 – includes Industry Editions

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QuickBooks by Industry – QuickBooks Premier Contractor

QuickBooks Pro is great bookkeeping software for any type of business, but there are businesses in specific industries that have specific needs. Builders and contractors have specific needs that are different from a grocery store owner or a barber running a barber shop. That is why, QuickBooks Premier have industry specific versions that cater to the needs of specific industries. For contractors, there is QuickBooks Premier Contractor.

What makes QuickBooks Premier Contractor Different?

QuickBooks Premier Contractor has all the functionalities that the Premiere General Business has, but it has industry specific functions that contractors will definitely find useful.

  • Create a “Jobs by Vendor” report. – This version of QuickBooks allows the user to create and organize job costs per vendor. This report also shows which vendors are yet to be paid.
  • Create a “Cost to Complete Job” report. – One major problem of contractors is understating the budget needed to finish a project. This report allows users to forecast the cost of completing a job and it even compares the actual job cost with the forecasted or estimated job cost.
  • Can analyze job profitability. – Earning profit is any business’s end goal. Users of this version analyze the profitability of a project, even before it gets started.
  • Make job estimates and track change orders. – when the parameters of the job change, which happens quite often, these changes can be made instantly and can be shown in a report which can be printed out to be shown to the customer, to avoid surprises and keep transparency.
  • Progressively bill clients per job phase. – Allows the user to track the billing and subsequently bill the client by job phase, by time and material, or by percentage completion.

These are the industry specific functions that a QuickBooks Premier Contractor has to offer. Undoubtedly, this software will be indispensable to contractors worldwide with making their businesses more profitable.