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The Risk-Free Way to Learn QuickBooks – QuickBooks Online Simple Start

The QuickBooks software line is in itself very easy to learn how to use. The operation of the software as well is very easy. But there are still some people who hesitate to purchase desktop versions of the software because of a) they are afraid that the software might be complicated, or b) the software might not fit their current business needs, or c) they don’t have an operational business yet but is looking into possible accounting software to use in the future. In all three cases, getting QuickBooks Online Simple Start is probably the best thing to do.

QuickBooks Online Simple Start is the most basic bookkeeping software of the QuickBooks line. This is built for those who, prior to purchasing desktop versions or higher online versions of QuickBooks, want to get a feel for the software and see how it works. QuickBooks Online Simple Start has the most basic functions of any bookkeeping software:

  • It allows businesses to track their income and expenses.
  • It can send unlimited invoices and estimates.
  • It can download transactions from bank and credit card accounts from participating financial institutions.

All of these functions can be done online without the need for downloading and installing software.

Why is it Risk-Free?

QuickBooks Online Simple Start is $12.95 a month, but it does have a 30-day free trial. People have 30 days to try the system out before committing themselves to a purchase. Another good thing about the trial is that business owners would find out what their individual businesses would need when it comes to bookkeeping software. Since QuickBooks Online Simple Start is the most Basic platform, business owners would know what is lacking then have an idea of what QuickBooks version they need to purchase, may it be Pro, Premier, or Enterprise.

Whether to find out if there is a need for bookkeeping software, or if learning the very basics of QuickBooks is the goal, then QuickBooks Online Simple Start is the best option.