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QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll Review

With the latest QuickBooks update, you can now tap into powerful tools to run a business including payroll. That’s right, you could go forward with the world of payroll within the financial software and if you go for the full-service option, you can even make sure to get help with taxes. The latest updates to the QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll option will definitely have small business owners updating their software suite to get the latest and greatest from this financial software. The following are some of the updates that come through with the Full-Service Payroll add on.

Pay Checks Made Easy

Hourly paycheck creation is now made easier, and that’s not all, direct deposit is now allowed too. No need to write paper checks if you don’t want to, you can have the software do all the math and calculating for you. Whether you have salaried employees or you have hourly contractors, you can do it all through the interior of the update.

Support Standard

No matter what option of the update you get, you will be able to get free expert support. Whether you’re new to the QuickBooks option or you’ve used this in the past, you can now get moving forward with support in case you get stuck at any point in processing payroll.

W-2 Filling

One of the easiest things to do with QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll is getting W-2’s filed with relative ease. That means easier tax management, and streamlining the process of working within the world of managing taxable income that is filed overall.

Payroll Taxes

When you work within the full-service option, you will get payroll taxes completed for you, as well as bringing in any former payroll data to the software, and if that’s not something that gets you moving, consider that you can avoid penalties. That’s right, when you utilize the full-service update, you will be getting no tax penalties, and that’s a guarantee from the software company.

At the end of the day, the latest iteration of QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll is top-notch. The updates are above the previous incarnations, and the Full-Service version is definitely one that is going to help streamline the process of running a business and doing payroll. If you have been working towards a faster and more efficient payroll process, then you need to invest in this option straightway. It’s going to pay off dividends, that’s for sure.

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Simplify Payroll with QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll

Making payroll is one of the major causes of a small business owner’s headaches. A small business, which typically doesn’t have a huge payroll hence doesn’t have an accounting staff to do the payroll, ironically have a harder time in making accurate payroll. Not to mention that this process takes time and eats up a majority of the owner’s time and effort. That is why payroll software like the QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll can be a godsend to small business owners.

Why Payroll needs to be Accurate

It is a good business practice to accurately pay employees for the services they rendered. Nowadays, not doing so can lead the business owner into trouble with the IRS. The ever changing payroll, tax, and benefits guidelines mean that whoever is doing payroll needs to be updated with all of these rules. This can be a tall order for any business owner. QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll solves this by regularly updating itself to keep up to date with the latest IRS guidelines. And this is not the only benefit of this software.

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll is a complete payroll system that has the following features:

  • Payroll Features – Pay employees via direct deposit to their bank accounts or by printing them checks. Also provides accurate payroll reports.
  • Tax Features – Automatically calculates Stae and Federal Taxes. It can also electronically file Tax forms and even pay Payroll Tax electronically. For manual filing, Federal and State Tax forms are available.
  • Additional Benefits – 401(K) benefits and health benefits are also included in the software.

Aside from all of these features, customer support is easy to obtain. A technical representative can be contacted via phone, e-mail, or through live chat. Help information can also be found in the online support center.

Having a payroll system is now essential for any small business. And even if the business is small, it pays to get the best payroll system available to avoid costly mistakes.

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