QuickBooks Cash Register Plus Bundle

Working the cash register can be a hard task especially if you’re working with an old register. This year, upgrade to a newer cash register that’s equipped with the QuickBooks Cash Register Plus Bundle. This modern cash register already comes with its own cash drawer and receipt printer.

Why Use It?

The QuickBooks Cash Register Plus Bundle helps make ringing of sales much faster and convenient. With this bundle, there’s no need to manually enter each item’s code just to record the sale. Item codes, sales and discounts can be added to the system in seconds with the help of a barcode scanner. This results to faster and error-free checkout transactions all the time. Returns are made hassle-free too since previous transactions can be easily looked up in the system. The QuickBooks Cash Register Plus Bundle also allows credit and debit card transactions without the need to acquire separate card terminals or extra telephone line.

Easier Customer Tracking

Customers are extremely vital in any business. This is why QuickBooks Cash Register Plus Bundle helps users keep track of their clients’ information, product preferences and previous purchases. With such a detailed customer history, creating personalized mailing lists is effortless. Updating the clients about their preferred products and store promotions won’t be complicated anymore.

Precise End-of-Day Sales Reports

There is no need to manually transfer the day’s sales into an actual ledger if using the QuickBooks Cash Register Plus Bundle. At the end of the day, business owners can print out the detailed sales report in just a few clicks. In the report, the price of the item, discount used (if applicable), amount of money paid, and change are individually shown in the report. With this generated sales report, discrepancies in end-of-day or end-of-shift balances vs. the actual money can be easily traced too.