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QuickBooks Basic Payroll Software

I run a medium-sized family company with several employees under my payroll. When I first took over the business from my father, I didn’t even know what debit or credit is because I didn’t have any accounting background. But I worked hard and studied the ins and outs of the company. 15 years later, I could say that I know everything there is about my business. Unfortunately, I need to upgrade my methods in terms of processing the payroll. In this computer age, I really should start using a computer and QuickBooks Basic Payroll to do it.

QuickBooks Basic Payroll

In the past, I greatly rely on handwritten, manual bookkeeping methods when processing my employees’ payroll. I used to hunch over numerous books and time sheets just to make sure that I hand out the correct salary amount. I was surprised that QuickBooks Basic Payroll made the transition easier. I wasn’t even shell-shocked or anything because the software is so easy to install and such a snap to use.

Manual vs. Automatic Payroll

During my initial use of the QuickBooks Basic Payroll, I saved a lot of effort and time obtaining the actual amount of money I have to pay my employees. All I did was enter my employees’ required working hours, salary rates, taxes and deductions into the software and voila! The information is readily available in seconds. If I were still doing the payroll manually, it would take me about a day (or two) to compute everything.

To make payroll processing even more convenient, the QuickBooks Basic Payroll software also allows me to create and print paychecks of employees as needed. For those who prefer to receive their salaries directly to their bank accounts, I can easily transfer the money via QuickBooks Basic Payroll’s Direct Deposit feature. Manually creating paychecks are definitely long gone!