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PUR – MineralClear / Advanced / Horizontal Faucet Filter

  • PUR MineralClear Faucet Refill RF-9999, 6 Pack
  • PUR 18 Cup Dispenser w/ 1 Filter
  • PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter Chrome
  • PUR W10186667 Push-Button Refrigerator Water Filter
  • PUR Faucet Mount Replacement Water Filter – Basic 2 Pack

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PUR water filtration systems for that blessed sip of fresh, pure, clean, healthy water!

PUR is a company that is most popular in the field of water filtration systems and a highly recommended solution by many in the health-conscience world of today.

Before we begin to look at the products brought out by PUR lets see why we need water filters

Yes, every one of us deserves clean water, not for the taste alone but for the health benefits too. Our body is made up of 60% water and this proves that we depend so much on water to enable our organs and the whole system to function well.

We are blessed by nature with water, a natural resource for cleaning and keeping our body hydrated. Water it is that keeps our organs and muscles working perfectly and this water helps to maintain good health for us only if it is free from impurities. Purest form of water got through filtration by a good system such as PUR, helps us to fight germs and bacteria. All the harmful toxins are eliminated by this system and pure, clean water is made available.

If you are far from the city and have no protected water supply and depend on well water for drinking you are even more at risk because ground water has several impurities and these toxins can enter your system through this water. Even if you are lucky to get municipal water you will be shocked to know that impurities existing in this water are unbelievably high. Most city waters have been tested and found to have plenty of drugs, bacteria and a host of other deadly impurities.

Introduction of PUR

Introduced in the year 1986 this company called PUR started off with a desalinator to turn seawater into drinking water. With a filtration system that is hand operated, pure water was made available to those sailing on the sea. Life rafts even to this day carry Filter Pur!

With technological advancements and a lot of scientific research and testing during 1990 it became possible to offer portable water purifiers and in 1994 the first line of in-home water filters with automatic safety monitor gauge were introduced.

How do PUR water filtration systems work?

PUR faucet water filters reduce about 61 types of contaminants that could be found in the water; the advanced models filter water over the beneficial minerals and offer cleaner, crisper and fresher tasting water to us. They remove 99% of lead and microbial cysts and are found to reduce more contaminants than the other faucet filters.

Activated carbon is the chief ingredient in PUR water filters and this carbon absorbs organic compounds from the water and other pollutants. The activated carbon filters in PUR are made from coconut shells that are heat-treated. Pores are produced within the grains of carbon and tiny tunnels and spaces are created, about 1000square meters of surface area per gram of carbon and well that is 200,000 square feet of nooks to trap and absorb the impurities found in the tap water in each of the PUR faucet filter.

PUR offers water filtration systems such as Faucet water filters, Water pitchers and dispensers, Replacement water filters and Refrigerator water filters, all of which have been providing safe drinking water to millions of people.

So, PUR systems it is that crops up in our mind when we long for oh, that refreshing sip of pure clean water!