Portrait Professional – The Best Portrait Editing Software

Portrait Professional is taking the world of photography by storm. This portrait enhancement software program has an automatic face, hair, and feature detector which makes it easier for photographers to edit people’s pictures.  It also has 200 enhancing features so photographers can make portraits more stunning and attractive. In short, the photographer is in full control with this software.

Skin Refining Feature

Portrait Professional is the first software that allows the photographer to change the mark-up points of any portrait to refine and trim the features of the face. Photographers can continually adjust the mark-up points until they have achieved the changes that their clients want. This feature basically helps photographers distinguish the aspects that should be improved on the faces of their clients. This is perfect for clients who want to lose a few pounds on their pictures at least.

3rd Generation Features

This software has an innovative 3rd generation skin processor that makes the skin more appealing and natural. Another 3rd generation feature of this software is the clearskinTM touch up brush. This feature removes skin blemishes, spots, and stray hairs and unlike in any other portrait enhancement software, the touch up brush of Portrait Professional detects the defects of the face using the cursor. These two 3rd generation features of the software work instantly and quickly so photographers don’t need to be too accurate to achieve great results.

Eliminates Common Defects

Portrait Professional eliminates common problems on the face. It removes eye bags and crow’s feet and it enhances the cheeks and lips to make them look moister.

Comes in two different versions

This software comes in two forms: the standalone version and the plug-in edition. The plug-in version integrates with any photo editing software like PhotoShop, LightRoom, Aperture, and GIMP among others.