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Articles about the old versions of Pinnacle Studio Plus :

Pinnacle Studio 20:

New features of Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus

  • New! Stop Motion Animation
  • New! Author DVDs with new menu templates (50+)
  • New! HEVC (H.265) import
  • New! Easy Track Transparency
  • New! Motion Tracking

Enhanced features of Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus

  • Enhanced! Multi-camera video editing ( 4 cameras)
  • Enhanced! Live Screen Capture

New & Enhanced features of Pinnacle Studio 19 Plus

  • Multi-camera editing for 4 cameras
  • Optimized for Intel 6th generation processor
  • Audio Ducking automatically balances dialog and background sound

New & Enhanced features of Pinnacle Studio 18 Plus

  • 64-bit performance
  • 17 royalty-free music tracks
  • Includes FREE training studiobacklot.tv
  • Live Screen Capture

Pinnacle Studio 17 Plus encourages you to make truly amazing movies and share it with the world!

Pinnacle Studio 17 Plus (now is Pinnacle Studio 18 Plus) is a video editing program developed originally by Pinnacle Systems as a consumer-level counterpart to Liquid Edition, Pinnacle’s former professional-level software. Pinnacle Studio allows the users to author video content in Video CD, DVD-Video, AVCHD or Blu-ray format and also allows them to add complementary menus and burn them to disc.

More about Pinnacle Studio 17 Plus

This has all the features and video tutorials offered by Pinnacle Studio and in addition has more options for enabling great movies to be made with accuracy and ease. Its highly advanced 3D stereoscopic technology gives professional 3D experience and the Live Screen Capture enables you to record your screen.

You get 24-track frame-accurate editing, 1800+ effects, clip trim in and out points, keyframed effects control, simultaneous timeline and clip previews, soundtrack custom fitting, content tagging/rating and many more. You can now share the masterpiece created with your friends on YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo and it takes just a few clicks.

Some of the key features of Pinnacle Studio 17 Plus

Movie making now at it’s swiftest with up to 10 times faster video rendering

You can edit on 24 tracks with frame accuracy in HD and/or advanced stereoscopic 3D

DVD discs can be created and exported to your favored digital devices and format

More exciting with more than 1800 2D/3D effects and green-screen superimposition too

Content from your screen can be recorded and included in the footage in your movies with Live Screen Capture

Simultaneously can preview timeline and source clips

The built-in media library allows you to organize, tag and rate your favorite clips and music

Clips and movie projects can be imported from Pinnacle Studio for iPad

You can enhance and correct movies, photos and audios right inside the media library

Included Montage templates allow you to layer animations and titles with ease

Scorefitter enables you to create custom-fit soundtracks

Happily share your HD and 3D videos with friends on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo, all with just a few clicks

You can store your projects and clips in the cloud that can be accessed at anytime anywhere – includes 50 GB3 of cloud access free from Box

Can access video and photos from your HD camcorders and other digital devices; even 3D from GoPro cameras and formats like Panasonic MVC

With Project Packages you can easily archive/restore your work

What you can do with Pinnacle Studio 17 Plus

  1. Start making movies fast and easy than ever
  2. Import all your digital media
  3. You can edit anytime and anywhere with iPad and the Cloud
  4. With the built-in media library you can Organize, Tag and Polish your media
  5. You can have precision control over your story-telling with the Frame-accurate editing
  6. Edit your movies with real speed
  7. Live Screen Capture enables you to add unique content and dimension to your project
  8. Make amazing movies in Advanced Stereoscopic D
  9. Make your movies more exciting with the 1800 plus 2D/3D effects
  10. Complete your movie with a soundtrack with the included Scorefitter library

Now you have finished producing a masterpiece, share your HD and 3D videos on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo, this is the time to show off! Thanks to Pinnacle Studio 17 Plus!