Pimsleur Spanish Conversational Course

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Pimsleur Spanish Conversational Course

In a recent survey conducted by FluentIn3Months website, Pimsleur Spanish Conversational Course landed among the best and worst online language programs. It is the best because Pimsleur has been a staple of language programs with standard quality. It is also the worst because its audio-based learning tools have nominal glitches most of the time. But the bottomline is that Pimsleur Spanish has a way to help you find the right path in becoming a good Spanish conversationalist.

Short Overview

Pimsleur Spanish is among the earliest online courses created by the Pimsleur Learning Language System. The program was initially developed by American linguist Paul Pimsleur as 35 and a half-hour sessions. However, not everyone can commit themselves to lengthy sessions so Pimsleur reduced the number of hours.

Pimsleur Learning programs are generally audio-based, thus its reading materials for specific units are limited. In the case of Pimsleur Spanish however, the developers decided to do the opposite. Instead of investing on more audio, they focused on the visuals.


Pimsleur Spanish comes with 16 lessons on the language. In just a span of 8 – 10 hours, you can complete the entire coursework. Each lesson provides 40 minutes of spoken Spanish practices, including new structures and vocabulary tools. Its in-depth instructions will enable users to grasp on the conversational side of learning Spanish. Topics in the program include: scheduling activities, telling time, shopping, meals, numbers and greetings.

While the program is generally all about learning Spanish, many users have noticed that the large amount of English is visible in each lesson. Its context is “too fake” to be deemed practical for users. One Amazon user wrote that Pimsleur’s “Listen & Repeat” feature is 70% English and 30% Spanish. That being said, it’s pretty ironic to say that you want to learn Spanish but the cultural references in it are English.


Despite the failure to integrate a more advanced learning method, Pimsleur Spanish has a number of advantages. You’ll still be able to hear native Spanish intonations and pronunciations. This is one great opportunity for users to improve their sentence rhythm and pronunciation. Another advantage is that you can learn lengthy Spanish words from back to front (or vice versa). Meaning, you can pronounce a seemingly weird Spanish word beginning from the last syllable up to the second and finally to the first. You can do this repeatedly until you have mastered the language.