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 Photocopier Expert

Photocopier machines may not be that in demand today in a time where anyone can simple take pictures with their phones, but that doesn’t mean it is still a necessity for many. In fact, Photocopier Expert has been made and developed to cater the need for scanning and printing through a one click software.

This advanced document management program provides the copy preview and enables the user to make necessary adjustments.

Photocopier Expert combines a variety of convenient abilities:

  • straightforward photocopying
  • applying numerous effects
  • queuing documents for batch processing
  • saving in multiple formats
  • adjusting brightness, contrast, hue

Documents put under the software can also be resized, rotated, deskewed (automatically or manually) or printed partially. Users can also transform black and white documents to colored copies, or the other way around. It can also be enhanced to be printed in a better quality.

Photocopier Expert’s latest versions can also support an on-screen highlight tool, red eye removal and a tool for direct erasing of certain parts of the document.

Users can also use the software to fax documents or email them right from Photocopier Expert.
The documents can be also exported to PDF and multipage TIFF. The multi-lingual interface of Photocopier Expert has been improved to facilitate working with the program, making it one of the best, most comprehensive and the one-stop-software for all the document editing, reproduction and sending needs.