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PerfectRegistry for improving overall performance of your PC

PerfectRegistry is useful for removing harmful registry edits, invalid registry entries and the system clutter to enhance the speed of the system.

Its advanced scan engine cleans all invalid registry errors and apart from fixing invalid registry entries also defragments the registry and repairs all detected registry errors automatically with just a click, making it more streamlined for a much smoother system performance. This increases application response time and gives you faster access to your programs and applications.

PerfectRegistry defragments the registry, compacts it and eliminates the bloat caused by the blank cell that are left behind from the removed entries; this enables quicker system access to Windows configuration settings, quicker boot times and in general swifter Windows operation.

PerfectRegistry offers safe PC maintenance; your Windows registry is in constant use from regular using of PC and over time can get really cluttered. Be it installation of a new program or removal of one, any movement or usage of data creates an additional registry entry. As your registry gets larger that much slower your computer becomes. Not only slow but also less efficient your computer experience becomes and worst thing is it can become more error-laden, no one would like that right? This is where PerfectRegistry comes in to clean registry errors with its advanced scan engine and defragments the registry and streamlines things for a smoother and hassle free performance of your PC. PerfectRegistry is quick and safe for doing this job.

One need not be a computer expert or a professional for being able to use PerfectRegistry; it comes with a graphic interface that is very simple and intuitive enough for even the beginners to use it effortlessly and benefit immensely out of it.

PerfectRegistry has been tested with 1000 plus applications and has proved beyond doubt to drastically improve your PC performance and eliminate crashes.

What does PerfectRegistry do?

Eliminates harmful registry edits, invalid entries and system clutter to improve the speed of your system.

Capable of scanning and fixing invalid registry errors with a simple click

Defragments and compacts the registry

Offers smoother and improved PC Performance

Your system’s response time is greatly improved

Enables swifter program access

Prevents system freeze ups and crashes, BSOD (blue screen of death) and other errors. You can avoid random system crashes, runtime errors since PerfectRegistry provides a more stable computing environment by regularly fixing registry errors, it prevents some common Windows error messages too.

PerfectRegistry has a backup and restore function where settings can be backed up and restored; this allows the user to completely undo a registry cleaning if found necessary.


CPU 800 Mhz

256mb RAM

170mb Hard Drive

Limitations of PerfectRegistry

Though it is excellent in performing its main job of removing harmful registry edits, invalid registry entries and system clutter for improving the system’s speed there are certain limitations to it and that is its limited repair capabilities.

New in this release

Support for Windows 7

Finally, enhance your overall system performance by letting PerfectRegistry to remove all obsolete and invalid entries from your Windows registry and enjoy a much smoother, and quicker PC operation.

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