PerfectDisk Pro, an award winning hard drive defragger for laptops, PCs, home desktops and servers

In brief about PerfectDisk Pro

PerfectDisk Pro is a hard drive defragger and can be used on laptops, PCs, home desktops and servers. And now with support it can be used for defragging on SDD disks too. With SSD or solid state disks this software is able to enhance the lifespan of SSD disks by performing advanced defragmentation. By performing defragmentation it enables disk space on SSDs to be freed safeguarding the investment made in this latest technology.

PerfectDisk Pro offers maximum optimization for all your disk drives, which in turn help you to work faster, play faster and simultaneously save on energy bills by reducing the use of CPU and disk I/O resources.

More features and advantages offered by PerfectDisk Pro

When it comes to other types of disks PerfectDisk Pro can greatly improve the boot time and enhances the usage of your Windows PC by placing files together on disks that have become fragmented.

Users find it very easy to perform defragmentation with PerfectDisk Pro that comes with an easy-to-use interface and easily understandable tools and configuration.

PerfectDisk Pro has a unique ability to perform operation while Windows is not running; hence it can achieve defragmentation of the Master File Table too.

Apart from the above functions PerfectDisk Pro offers other features such as handy statistics, scheduled operations and remote defragmentation.

Highlights of PerfectDisk Professional

Speedy Web browsing and downloads

Enhanced photo and video editing experience

S.M.A.R.T. monitoring of physical drives generates warnings and alerts on the performance and reliability for hardware and makes you aware of the potential problems if any in the hardware.

Streaming media performance maximized

SSD Optimize is optimization system for SSDs through free space consolidation without defragmentation of files

Enables advanced reporting and setting control features

Apt for users looking out for optimum performance of their PCs

In brief about the new features in PerfectDisk 13

Provides Windows 8.1 support

Up to 20% faster optimization for HDDs and SSDs, enhanced SSD recommendations and reporting

Increased flexibility with customized scheduling

The new OptiWrite technology of PerfectDisk prevents most of the fragmentation even before it occurs on your drive and ensures that your system does not slow down.

The new Space Management of PerfectDisk detects and removes duplicate files like text documents, music, videos, pictures, etc and thus recovers disk space.

Patented SMARTPlacement of PerfectDisk results in most consolidated free space availability, eliminates most fragmentation before it occurs and ensures a reduced rate of fragmentation.

The exclusive StealthPatrol tab of PerfectDisk is utilized to set automatic fragmentation prevention and to optimize your system when it is idle. Auto optimization allows you flexibility to optimize your system when it is not busy or idle or when the Windows screensaver is active; this level of flexibility is not there in any other defrag or optimization utility.

Along with the above and others like Advanced Boot Time Defrag, Total disk defragmentation and free space consolidation, CPU and I/O – Control Resource Throttling make PerfectDisk Pro an award winning defrag and optimization solution to make your system run faster like a new one!

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