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The Proud Italian Heritage of Peg Perego

Peg Perego is a an Italian manufacturer of high-quality baby strollers. Their products incorporate some of the most advanced convenience and safety features. Designed to be functional, the Italian sense of aesthetic also shines through in every Peg Perego creation.Standard features on Peg Perego regular strollers include innovations which can only be found in premium brand strollers.

Peg Perego stroller standard features include:

  • Easy folding for convenient storage. Peg Perego strollers can be unfolded with only one hand. Stowing the folded stroller is a breeze.
  • It has a unique suspension system which allows for great maneuverability at the same time it provides a comfortable ride even through the most uneven surfaces.
  • Secure harness. It has a five-point safety harness, which ensures that the toddler will not fall off the stroller. The backrest, leg rest and seat height are also adjustable.
  • Detachable seats. These strollers have car seats which can be easily detached from the chassis. This is a great convenience when traveling.
  • Removable seat padding. The stroller’s seat padding are removable, allowing them to be washed as needed. Kids and toddlers almost always spill their food, and having a washable padding helps make cleaning very easy.
  • Made in Italy from the highest quality materials. Peg Perego strollers are made from high-quality lightweight materials which are strong and durable.
  • Basket included. Parents would appreciate the basket which comes with the stroller. It can be used to carry the child’s things, or even groceries.

More than Just Baby Furniture

The Peg Perego product line includes strollers and car seats in different variants and configurations. Among the popular models are:

– Skate System

– Uno

– Pliko Switch

– Pliko P3

– Si Classico

– Aria Completo

– GT3 single and double

– Duette SW

– Aria Twin Triplette SW

The product line also includes variants for twins and triplets, with multiple seats for each stroller. Aside from the standard features, each of the above product lines have their own unique features and distinctive design.

In addition to the product lines, Peg Perego also has Travel System packages which consist of a stroller (Pliko P3, Pliko Switch or the Si Classico), an infant car seat from Prima Viggio and a diaper bag.

Premium Italian Craftsmanship

Founded by the Perego family in 1949, Peg Perego strollers maintains a proud Italian heritage which can be seen in the quality of the workmanship, the design of the stroller and the fine materials and cloth used. With more than 60 years of experience, the Peg Perego stroller emphasizes the comfort and safety of the passenger. The company has adapted to the times and technology and has incorporated these changes in a process of continuous improvement.

Through 60 years of existence, the company’s product lines has included car seats, strollers, high-chairs and riding toys. Through more than half a century, the company has always maintained the best quality product from engineering, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. All materials are manufactured by the company, to ensure that the strollers are of top quality.

As a proud Italian manufacturer, Peg Perego maintains its heritage by being stylish and at the same time, keeping up with current technology in including today’s trends in engineering. Peg Perego is proud to maintain its Italian roots and its family tradition of producing the best products.